2014 Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
Tevian Dray, Oregon State University

Professor Tevian Dray is truly deserving of the honor represented by the Pacific Northwest MAA section’s Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching.

Tevian is simply an outstanding teacher, whose influence on college teaching through his curriculum and professional development efforts has gone far beyond the direct impact he has had on students in his own classes.

Here at Oregon State University, Tevian has been recognized repeatedly for his excellent teaching. He has been awarded both the Frederick Horne and Loyd Carter awards (presented annually for outstanding and inspirational teaching in the OSU’s College of Science) and the University Honors College has recognized him with both its Outstanding Faculty and Eminent Faculty distinctions. Most recently, Tevian was presented with the university-wide Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor award for his long career of exceptional teaching.

Tevian has worked with a wide array of students, from first term calculus students to mathematics and physics majors to advanced graduate students to inservice elementary and secondary teachers. With all audiences he has been highly successful and he has established himself as a mathematical communicator of the highest order. The curriculum development he has pursued through the NSF funded Vector Calculus Bridges project has influenced college and university mathematics instructors nationwide. Indeed, when I used these materials myself some years ago, I found my own knowledge of vector calculus enriched and enhanced in ways I could not have imagined.

In my first year as chair of OSU’s mathematics department, Tevian approached me to volunteer to chair our teaching committee. His intent was to provide our new graduate teaching assistants with far more ongoing support than offered through our initial teaching workshop before fall term. He pioneered a teaching seminar throughout the academic year, bringing in guest speakers from across campus to discuss methods and strategies for effective and successful teaching. Most importantly, the seminar allowed him to impart his own enthusiasm and deep caring for high quality teaching of mathematics to the “next generation” of mathematics faculty.

Professor Tevian Dray’s selection for the Distinguished Teaching Award is a fitting tribute to a talented and dedicated mathematician and teacher. Congratulations

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