2011 Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
Dale Hoffman, Bellevue Community College

The 2011 PNW MAA Distinguished Teaching Award goes to Dale Hoffman, who has taught at Bellevue Community College (BCC) since 1983 and has an outstanding resumé as a mathematician, educator and professional.

Dale’s students commented on his ability to teach with enthusiasm, clarity and compassion. They also commented on his willingness and ability to go the extra mile &emdash; from using computer graphics to building physical models to providing hours of extra help outside the classroom. Perhaps most telling, several of Dale's student have become mathematics teachers and they noted how much Dale’s teaching and personality influenced their own teaching and professional lives.

Dale’s colleagues commented that he expects deep engagement from his students and gets it! Because of his commitment and talent as a teacher, Dale’s students perform at a high level in mathematics classes at BCC and in mathematics classes after BCC as well. This, coupled with Dale’s phenomenal success teaching advanced mathematics courses for the College in the High School program in the Bellevue school district, is strong testament to Dale’s teaching skills. A long-time veteran in Dale’s department summed it up quite well by commenting, “Dale is simply the best mathematics teacher I know.”

On the professional side Dale has succeeded as a writer, speaker, organizer and reviewer. Highlights of his professional activities include

Those who know Dale recognize that this list is just a small part of his contribution to mathematics and mathematics teaching.

Congratulations, Dale, on winning the 2011 Distinguished Teaching Award. The award is well deserved!

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