2010 Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
Nancy Neudauer, Pacific University

Congratulations to Nancy Neudauer of Pacific University who has been selected as the Pacific Northwest Section winner of the 2010 MAA Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. During her time in the Pacific Northwest Nancy has compiled an impressive record of classroom, departmental, campus-wide, regional and national activity and service.

In the classroom, students recognize Nancy as a clear, enthusiastic teacher who is able to demonstrate the applicability of even the most abstract of topics. Nancy engages her students through the use of math history materials, documentary films and journal readings. Through her collaborative and encouraging teaching style she has fostered student involvement in mathematical research and has helped her students become true independent learners.

Nancy has played a major role in teaching and service within the Pacific University mathematics department and the University itself. In the mathematics department she has served as advisor for the Math Club, as “coach” for the Putnam and COMAP Math Modeling teams, and as the department’s liaison to the campus library; secured several faculty development grants; organized a departmental colloquium series; and sparked student interest in attending and presenting at a number of conferences. Further, across campus Nancy is known to be interested in a wide variety of subjects outside of mathematics and is sought out by other professors to discuss teaching philosophy and techniques.

Nancy has worked tirelessly as a math educator regionally and nationally as well. She serves or has served in a multitude of roles within the MAA Pacific Northwest Section including Section Governor, Program Chair or Co-Chair for Section meetings and Pacific Northwest Project NeXT Associate Director. Additionally, with assistance from colleagues at other schools in the Pacific Northwest, Nancy helped revitalize several regional conferences including the Portland Area Lecture Series in Graph Theory and Combinatorics and the annual "Combinatorial Pot- latch" conference.

The accomplishments listed above, coupled with Nancy’s presentations at national conferences and workshops and her list of publications, show that Nancy is indeed a worthy recipient of this year's MAA Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. Congratulations, Nancy!

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