2007 Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
Duane DeTemple, Washington State University

Duane DeTemple epitomizes the highest level of excellence in the pursuit of mathematics instruction. He is not only an exceptional instructor in the classroom, but also develops new courses and programs of study, is a popular speaker for educators, contributes generously in service to both Washington State University (WSU) and the mathematics education profession, and is the author of numerous publications, including a text that is used widely in pre-service teacher preparation programs throughout the United States and Canada.

DeTemple has been a member of the mathematics faculty at WSU since 1970. At WSU, he is a leader in course and program development and innovation. His contributions to mathematics education include: Designed and implemented the honors sequence of mathematics courses. Developed a Masters of Science with Teaching Emphasis for graduate students planning a career in secondary or community college mathematics instruction. Developed a Diversity Resources Handbook highlighting activities emphasizing multicultural mathematics topics. Co-authored (with Kimberly Vincent and Verna Adams) the book Activity Based Instruction in Elementary Mathematics, used extensively in WSU pre-service education courses. Co-founded (with Jack Robertson) the Seminar in Combinatorial Geometry that has been offered since 1983.

Service to both the state and his profession are exemplified by the following examples: Advisory Board Member, High School Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint. State Coordinator, American High School Mathematics Contest, 1992–1995. Chairman, Pacific Northwest Section, MAA, 1977–1978.

In addition to his service work, Duane works with WSU undergraduates in many capacities outside of his normal teaching duties. He mentors undergraduate research projects; he takes WSU secondary mathematics majors to the annual Northwest Math Conference; and he advises future high school mathematics teachers. Duane is also an informal mentor to less senior faculty members. He includes them in projects, funds travel to professional meetings through his grants, and supports their initiatives. Furthermore, Duane stays current with research on mathematics teaching and learning and is usually one of the first to turn research-based innovations into common classroom practice.

In conclusion, Duane DeTemple is a deserving recipient of this award. He has quietly, but effectively, served WSU, the state and his profession for the past 36 years through course and program innovations, service and publications, and mentoring students and junior colleagues.

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