2006 Certificate of Meritorious Service
Marjorie Enneking, Portland State University

It is a pleasure to nominate Marj Enneking for the MAA’s Certificate of Meritorious Service. Marj Enneking has a long history of loyal and helpful service to the Pacific Northwest Section of the MAA. She was Vice Chair of four-year colleges from 1980-1981, section Chair from 1983-1985, and section Governor from 2000-2003.

She served the section well in all of these important leadership roles. She is a very active participant at section meetings and her presence at these annual events takes many forms. She’s led panel discussions on topics from “Issues in K-12 Education” to “Family Issues” and spoken about the importance of universal participation in preparation of future teachers. After her time in Washington D.C. as an NSF Program Director, she shared with the section much valuable information by leading a minicourse on writing grant proposals. We know from direct experience that Marj’s advice, encouragement, and grant-writing wisdom has helped our section in obtaining NSF funds for curriculum improvement. There are undoubtedly many in the section who owe her a round of heartfelt applause.

She was also supportive of our section NExT during its early years. As a consultant, she spent valuable time talking with our new NExT fellows and encouraging them in their academic plans and her active participation at our meetings was always appreciated.

As her voluminous service record and accomplishments are of the highest order, the Pacific Northwest Section is proud to nominate Marj Enneking for the MAA’s Certificate of Meritorious Service.

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