2001 Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
Bruce Lind and Ron VanEnkevort, University of Puget Sound

The section's eighth Distinguished Teaching Award was presented to two professors at the University of Puget Sound, Ronald L. Van Enkevort and R. B. (Bruce) Lind. Here is the citation for this teaching award.

Bruce Lind received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1972 and began his teaching career when he joined the faculty of UPS. His wide-ranging activities at UPS include running the statistics program (including preparing undergraduates for the actuarial exams), and supporting the Academic Challenge program, which encourages disadvantaged area youth to pursue a college education by providing summer activities in science and mathematics on the UPS campus.

Ron VanEnkevort began teaching as a high school teacher in the Tri-Cities area. He earned a Ph.D. in Number Theory from Oregon State University and joined UPS in 1971. One of VanEnkevort's passions is the preparation of future elementary and secondary teachers.

Both Lind and VanEnkevort have served as department chair during times of fast growth and new programs in mathematics at UPS. Their support for summer student research projects, the development of the computerscience curriculum, and their support for other faculty at SPU have earned them then lasting respect of their colleagues. Lind and VanEnkevort will each retire at the end of this academic year.

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