1996 Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
Janet Ray, Seattle Central Community College

The section’s fifth Distinguished Teaching Award was presented to Janet Perry Ray of Seattle Central Community College. The citation appeared in the Spring 1996 issue of the section newsletter.

Janet Perry Ray, of Seattle Central Community College, was chosen for the Pacific Northwest Section's Distinguished Teaching Award for 1996. The award, presented on March 9, 1996, at the annual meeting at Reed College, recognizes Janet's outstanding contributions to the teaching of mathematics. Award criteria include: being widely recognized as extraordinarily successful at teaching, which includes all aspects of teaching - from the classroom to developing materials to preparing students for contests; having influence in one's teaching beyond the home institution; and fostering curiosity and generating excitement about mathematics in students. Janet epitomizes excellence in all these areas.

Janet has been a full-time mathematics instructor at SCCC since 1966, participating at all levels of the curriculum from developmental mathematics to differential equations. Students praise her innovative approaches to mathematical concepts, her respect for them regardless of their mathematical prowess, and her high standards for student work. Her colleagues speak of her as inspirational, generous with materials and ideas she's developed, and tireless in her search for new ways to help students learn. She enjoys a great deal of goodwill amongst mathematics educators in the northwest and nationally.

In addition to her regular teaching duties at SCCC, Janet has undertaken an impressive array of mathematics curriculum development efforts. She has served as the principal and co-principal investigator on many grants: the MAA program for Cooperative Learning in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (CLUME), the Washington Center Calculus Project (NSF/USME), the NSF Precalculus Revitalization Project, and and NSF-ILI grant for A Technology Based Algebra Course. Additionally, she is a member of the Harvard Calculus Consortium writing team for precalculus, was active on the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year College's project to develop national standards for curriculum and instruction for two year college and lower division mathematics, and currently serves as faculty liaison for "Preparing Future Faculty" - a project with the University of Washington, Seattle University, and SCCC. Janet has published a book on defeating math anxiety " Your Number 's Up: A Calculated Approach to Successful Math Study". She has authored computer laboratory materials for her department and is currently working on a series of MathKit books for precalculus through differential equations.

Janet is now among those being considered for national awards by the MAA; she is an outstanding representative of the Pacific Northwest Section. Congratulations, Janet!

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