1992 Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
André Yandl, Seattle University

The citation honoring Dr. Yandl appeared in the Spring 1992 newsletter and was written by Ivan Niven.

A member of the mathematics department at Seattle University for thirty-six years, Yandl is acclaimed by his colleagues in the Seattle area as a devoted, enthusiastic, and hard-working teacher. He was the first recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award by the Associated Students of his institution. The students, including majors outside mathematics, are impressed with his interest in getting them to appreciate mathematical ideas. He arrives at the Student Union at 7:00 a.m. to answer questions on mathematics for present and former students. His students comment on his practicality in his approach to mathematics, as well as his sense of humor. One student wrote that "he was pretty funny, even when he wasn't trying to be." In a recent survey of all former mathematics majors in the department of mathematics at Seattle University, a significant number of alumni stated that courses taught by Dr. Yandl were ones that were most beneficial in their professional lives, and that his support and encouragement were important to their professional development. He has encouraged the gifted students to continue on to the Ph.D. degree. His students have earned doctorates at various universities, including Stanford, Wisconsin and Princeton, as well as the Universities of Washington and Oregon in the Northwest.

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