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Spring 2015 SoCal-Nev Section Meeting

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Joint meeting with the
Pacific Coast Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (PCUMC)

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California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, California
When? SUPER PI DAY! Of course! That's Saturday, March 14, 2015

Showcasing Students

The Southern California-Nevada Section of the MAA joins the PCUMC this Spring to showcase the work of our students. Student presenters choose between giving a talk or a poster. Student registration for this meeting is free.

Invited Addresses

Panel Sessions (Concurrent)

Fun and games!

  • Origami icosahedron construction, in celebration of the MAA's Centennial
  • Pi recitation contest 3.1415...
  • And ... pie!
Join us to celebrate the MAA's Centennial and the PCUMC's 10th year! See you there!

Did you know...

...that the SoCalNv Section of the MAA had its first meeting in 1925? Read about SoCalNv MAA Section History (pdf) in this article written for the Spring 2000 meeting program by Ernie Solheid.

Help Write Our Section History!

Do you have a special memory of an MAA Southern California Section meeting, event, or personality? Please share it with Ernie Solheid esolheid @ fullerton.edu.

Call for Teaching Award Nominations

We are now accepting preliminary nominations for the MAA Southern California-Nevada Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. Visit our Teaching Awards page for more information.

Here's what's happening...

2nd Annual MidSchoolMath National Conference

Santa Fe, New Mexico
February 26-28, 2015

Meeting website: http://midschoolmath.com

International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM)

The Venetian/The Palazza, Las Vegas, Nevada
March 12-15, 2015

Meeting website: http://ictcm.pearsontc.net

California Mathematics Council Community Colleges South (CMC^3-South) Spring "Super-Pi" Conference

Anaheim, CA
March 13-14, 2015

Meeting website: http://www.cmc3s.org/conferences.shtml

MAA MathFest and Centennial Celebration

Washington, D.C.
August 5-8, 2015

Meeting website: http://www.maa.org/meetings/mathfest
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