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Spring 2015 Section Meeting

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Call for Contributed Papers

You are invited to submit abstracts for the Contributed Paper Session of the Fall 2022 Section Meeting of the MAA, taking place on Saturday, December 3, 2022 at CSU San Bernardino. The talks will take place in the early afternoon and will each be 15 minutes with a 5-minute question and transition period. 

These sessions accept contributions in all areas of mathematics, including research and pedagogy, and all complete proposals will be considered. The selection of talks will be based on interest to the expected audience, on common themes with other submissions, and on scheduling constraints. 

Applications to present in the contributed paper session are submitted online and are due by 12 noon on Friday November 18, 2022. Applications include submitting an abstract (max 180 words) preferably using the specified LaTex template given in the example below (downloadable tex file of sample, compiled pdf version of sample). Only the items between \begin{document} and \end{document} need to be submitted.


\newcommand{\presenter}[1]{\par\textbf{Presenter(s):}\ #1}
\newcommand{\others}[1]{\par\textbf{Other Author(s):}\ #1}
\renewcommand{\title}[1]{\par\textbf{Title:}\ #1}
\renewcommand{\abstract}[1]{\par\textbf{Abstract:}\ #1}
\newcommand{\theme}[1]{\par\textbf{Talk theme(s):}\ #1}
\newcommand{\audience}[1]{\par\textbf{Audience:}\ #1}


\presenter{Robben Teuffel and Robert Aroutiounian, CSU Channel Islands}
\others{Research advisor: Dr. Kathryn Leonard, CSU Channel Islands} %if applicable
\title{Skeletal Shape Modeling of the Corpus Callosum: Geometry-Based Classification for Automated Schizophrenia Diagnosis}
\abstract{Diagnosing schizophrenia is currently a process of trained symptom observation and individual interpretation by doctors. The objective of this research project is to automate diagnosis by using machine learning algorithms to categorize MRI-scanned brain images as healthy or schizophrenic based entirely on shape information of the corpus callosum. We utilize a skeletal shape model called the Blum medial axis (BMA) to capture local symmetries within the boundary curves of our corpus callosum images. We then extract the most visually salient path through the BMA with a depth measure called the Extended Distance Function to (1) decompose the BMA into three subparts associated with the genu, body, and splenium of the corpus callosum, and (2) compute the curvature of a one-dimensional representation of the boundary curve of the corpus callosum. Additionally, to quantify the observed size difference of the genu, we compute Shape Tubularity, which measures the tube-like qualities of shape parts. Finally, we apply supervised and unsupervised learning techniques to these features to distinguish between healthy and schizophrenic brain images.}
\theme{Applied Mathematics}
%Choices include Education/Pedagogy, History/Philosophy of Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Topics, Probability/Statistics, Geometry, Analysis, Number Theory, Graph Theory/Combinatorics, Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Topology, Linear Algebra, etc.
\audience{Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus (some data science knowledge will help)}


Need access to latex to see if your abstract compiles? Overleaf.com is a cloud based latex program with a free registration. There are other options as well.

The application to present DOES NOT constitute registration for the conference. Presenters will be notified of their acceptances by Wednesday November 23. Presenters should register for the meeting online by Monday November 30 at 5:00pm.

The Student Resources page of the MAA website has useful articles about writing an abstract and giving presentations. Be sure to check it out for helpful tips!
Direct questions to Jim Brown (jimlb@oxy.edu).

Call for Nominations for the 2023 MAA SoCal-NV Section Teaching Award

submitted by Anne Cawley, Section Vice Chair

Preliminary nominations for the 32nd annual MAA Southern California-Nevada Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics are now being accepted. The deadline for submissions is Monday, November 21, 2022.

Successful nominees are individuals who are widely recognized for their extraordinarily successful teaching effectiveness and for teaching that has had influence beyond their own institutions. To be eligible, nominees must be current MAA members who teach mathematical science courses at least half-time during the academic year and have at least seven years experience teaching at the college or university level. Because the Section Award winner will be forwarded for consideration for the national Haimo award, successful nominees will have an extended record of teaching success. (For greater detail on eligibility requirements, please go to: http://www.maa.org/Awards/Haimo_EGN.pdf.) To honor more junior faculty, please consider nominating them for the MAA Alder Award.

If you have an eligible and qualified colleague in your department, we urge you to nominate them so that they may be considered for the award.  The initial nomination consists of a one-page form (available at http://sections.maa.org/socalnv/PrelimNominationTeachingAward.pdf), together with a one- to two-page description of the candidate's qualities and teaching successes.

From the preliminary nominees, the selection committee (SoCal-NV Section Vice Chair, Chair, Past Chair, and Secretary) will choose two to three semi-finalists. Nominators will then be asked to complete a full nomination packet for the semi-finalists. The full packet will be required only for semi-finalists and will be due by early January of 2023. (Full nomination requirements may be found at http://www.maa.org/Awards/Haimo_NF.pdf.)

Upon receipt of the full nomination, semi-finalists will automatically become finalists. Each finalist will receive an official letter of commendation from the Chair of the Section, which will be copied to the candidate's department chair and dean (or parallel campus leadership). The selection committee will choose the winner from the pool of finalists. Finalists who are not selected will automatically have their full applications considered the following year for the Section award, but nominators are welcome to renominate these candidates.

The recipient of the award will be recognized and given the opportunity to give a talk at a future meeting of the MAA Southern California-Nevada Section. The awardee will also be the official Section nominee for the MAA Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics.

The Preliminary Nomination deadline is Monday, November 21st, 2022.

Submit initial nominations and direct questions to: Anne Cawley at  acawley@cpp.edu

Save the date for...

Fall 2022 Section Meeting

When: Saturday December 3, 2022
Where: In Person (and main talks streamed online) at CSU San Bernardino

Presenters include Jose Perea of Northeastern University speaking on "The Underlying Topology of Data", and Amanda Ruiz of University of San Diego speaking on "Teaching Mathematics About, With, and For Social Justice." Full meeting information and registration link can be found on our meetings page.

Black lives matter

The Board of the Southern California-Nevada Section of the MAA stands in support of Black students, faculty, staff and community. We are committed to working against anti-Black racism in postsecondary mathematics education and beyond. We support this statement from the MAA Committee on Minority Participation.

Gail Tang Receives the Section's 2022 Teaching Award

Dr. Gail Tang

Dr. Gail Tang of University of La Verne is the winner of the 2022 Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics and a nominee for the national MAA's 2022 Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics.

The MAA Southern California-Nevada Section recognizes her as a skilled and effective educator who uses effective and inclusive pedagogies, as someone who empowers students by highlighting opportunities for creativity in mathematics and has made important contributions to the research on creativity, as an accomplished mentor, as someone committed to sharing access to mathematics and her love for it beyond the walls of classrooms, and as someone doing the work of re-envisioning mathematics as a more inclusive human endeavor. We are honored to present her with the Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics.

More information can be found about Dr. Gail Tang on her University of La Verne page. You can also learn more about her work with the Creativeity Research Group.

Did you know...

...that the SoCalNv Section of the MAA had its first meeting in 1925? Read about SoCalNv MAA Section History (pdf) in this article written for the Spring 2000 meeting program by Ernie Solheid.

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Do you have a special memory of an MAA Southern California Section meeting, event, or personality? Please share it with Ernie Solheid esolheid @ fullerton.edu.


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