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2012 - 2013 Section Officers and Committee Members. 3

2014 Distinguished Teaching Award Call for Nominations. 5

Chair’s Report. 5

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Governor’s Report. 6

Section News. 7

Colorado School of Mines. 7

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.. 7

University of Colorado at Boulder. 8

9th Annual SIAM Front Range Conference at the University of Colorado Denver Saturday, March 2, 2013.. 8

MAA PREP Workshops 2013.. 8

CCTM News. 8

18th Colorado Mathematics Awards Ceremony/Reception.. 9

Mathematics Awareness Month:  Mathematics of Sustainability April 2013.. 9

MAA 2013 Study Tour to Alaska. 9

NCTM Mathematics Teacher. 9

Wyoming Math Articulation Meeting. 10

Section Nominating  Committee Report. 10

Adams State University  to Host 2013 Meeting April 26 -27, 2013.. 12

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Student Activities. 13

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Winter 2013 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes. 14

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Section Executive Committee Officers for 2012 – 2013



Chair               William Cherowitzo                                                     william.cherowitzo@ucdenver.edu

                        University of Colorado Denver                                   303-556-8381 

                        Denver, CO 80217


Past Chair      Daluss Siewert                                                            daluss.siewert@bhsu.edu

                        Black Hills State University                                        605-642-6209 

                        Spearfish, SD 57799                                                 


Vice-Chair      Sue Norris                                                                   sue.norris@northwestcollege.edu

                        Northwest College Wyoming                                      307-754-6283

                        Powell, WY 82435


Secretary/      Heidi Keck                                                                  hkeck@western.edu

Treasurer       Western State Colorado University                            970-943-3167

                        Gunnison, CO 81231


Governor       Mike Brilleslyper                                                         mike.brilleslyper@usafa.edu

                        USAFA                                                                        719-333-9514 

                        Colorado Springs, CO 80840                                    

Program         Matt Ikle                                                                      moikle@adams.edu, 719-587-7791

Co-Chairs      Stephen Aldrich                                                          saldrich@adams.edu

                        Adams State University                                             

                        Alamosa, CO 81101                                                  



Other Committee Members and Representatives


Section Nominating Committee

                        Cathy Bonan-Hamada (Chair), Colorado Mesa University       cbonan@coloradomesa.edu

                        Lynne Ipina, University of Wyoming                          ipina@wyo.edu

                        Jeff Berg, ACC                                                           jeff.berg@arapahoe.edu


Awards Selection Committee

                        Daluss Siewert, (Chair), BHSU                                  daluss.siewert@bhsu.edu

                        Sue Norris, Northwest College Wyoming                   sue.noris@northwestcollege.edu

                        Janet Nichols, CSU-Pueblo                                        janet.nichols@colostate-pueblo.edu

                        Stan Payne, UCD                                                       stan.payne@ucdenver.edu


Section NExT Committee

                        Diane Davis (Co-Chair), MSU Denver                       ddavi102@msudenver.edu

                        Bob Cohen (Co-Chair), Western State Colorado University       rcohen@western.edu

                        Dan Swenson, BHSU                                                 daniel.swenson@bhsu.edu

                        Kim Fix, Western State Colorado University              kfix@western.edu

                        John Carter, MSU Denver                                         jcarte11@msudenver.edu


Section Book Sales Coordinator

                        Janet Heine Barnett, CSU - Pueblo                           janet.barnett@colostate-pueblo.edu


Section Student Activity Coordinator

                        Carl Lienert, Fort Lewis College                                 lienert_c@fortlewis.edu

                        Beth Schaubroeck, USAFA                                       beth.schaubroeck@usafa.edu


Higher Education Representative on CCTM Governing Board 

                        Gulden Karakok, University of Northern Colorado    gulden.karakok@unco.edu


Public Information Officer and Section Liaison Coordinator

                        Heidi Keck, Western State Colorado University        hkeck@western.edu


Website Editor

                        Bill Briggs                                                                    william.briggs@ucdenver.edu

                        University of Colorado Denver


Newsletter Editor

                        Linda Sundbye                                                            sundbyel@msudenver.edu

                        Metropolitan State University of Denver                    303-556-8437

                        Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences

                        P. O. Box 173362, Campus Box 38                           FAX: 303-556-5381

                        Denver, CO  80217-3362




      Each year, the section recognizes one outstanding teacher of collegiate mathematics with an award named in honor of Burton W. Jones, a lifelong advocate of excellence in teaching at all levels. In addition to an honorarium, a certificate and an invitation to deliver the opening lecture at the next Section Meeting, the recipient is eligible to be the section’s nominee for the Deborah and Franklin Haimo Awards for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. These national awardees (at most three) are honored at the MAA winter meeting with a certificate and $1000 check.  All nominators also receive a certificate of in recognition of their efforts to support the section mission of promoting excellence in teaching; nominators and nominees both receive free meeting registration at the next section meeting. To begin the nomination process for an outstanding teacher that you know, simply submit the one-page nomination form (available at our website: http://www-math.cudenver.edu/~maa-rm and in this newsletter) by 1 December 2013. Complete nomination materials (described on the website) are due 15 January 2014.



Time to write another chair’s report and I find myself thinking of the Joint Mathematics Meeting held in January this year in San Diego. What I am thinking is, as many of our students have lamented over the years, “I wish I had taken better notes!” Actually, I am not sure that this would have helped as I have recently moved and am in the “living out of boxes” stage of that house transfer. I don’t know if I could find any notes - had I made them in the first place. The following items must therefore have made an impression on me since they have stuck in my no longer reliable memory.

At the MAA book sale held during our annual meeting, it is no longer possible to purchase a physical copy of any MAA book and walk out with it (this has something to do with our non-profit status and the tax code). Books will be on display, but you will have to order them (either on-line or with a paper form) and they will be shipped to you. To obtain the meeting discount (35%) you will have to know a code which is linked to the specific meeting. This code is valid for two weeks, the week before and the week after the meeting. The code should be widely available and anyone (attending the meeting or not) can use it in the specified interval to get the discount. As the section receives a percentage of the book sales at its meeting, it would be in our best interest to have as many people know about this code as possible. It has been suggested that we should prominently display the code on our web page, and I think that is a good idea (other sections will be doing this as well). For us, this would entail a redesign of our web page (http://sections.maa.org/rockymt/) and I am asking for members of our section to suggest improvements to our web page that I can bring to our webmaster for implementation. Just e-mail your ideas to me (William.cherowitzo@ucdenver.edu) even if they are just sketchy concepts.

At the section officers meeting, a handful of sections were pre-selected to give short talks about their section activities which would be of interest to other sections. As I sat there, listening, I wondered what I would say about the Rocky Mountain section, should I be asked at the next meeting. It occurred to me that I am only a “temporary” spokesman for the section and that the content of what I say should really be coming from the membership. So, I am asking you, gentle reader, what does the section do that is worth boasting about, what activities are you proudest of? Let me know.

There was a special session at the meetings in which the MAA sections were asked to talk about some aspect of their history as sections. Several talks centered on founding members while others took a broader view and examined the impact of the section’s activity in the local area. This focus on section histories is due to the preparations for the MAA’s Centennial Anniversary celebration in 2015. Our own efforts are being spearheaded by Janet Barnett (CSU-Pueblo) and any tidbits or stories you may have heard, historical documents or photos you may have concerning the Rocky Mountain section should be directed to her.

Unfortunately I have to report that our vice-chair, Sue Norris (Northwest College, Wyo) will be moving to Iowa in the Fall, and so, has resigned her position. We will miss Sue and wish her the best. The executive committee is looking to find someone to fill out the rest of Sue’s term of office, so if you are interested in this position or know of someone who would be interested, please let a member of the executive committee know. The only requirement for this position is that the person selected should be an MAA member of this section associated with a two-year college. Speaking of which, in the last newsletter I offered to visit any community college in our section to discuss ways in which the MAA could be more helpful and possibly give a talk. So far, there have been no takers to this offer, but it still stands … just let me know that you are interested and we can work out the details. 

I understand that Sue will be at the annual meeting in Alamosa, so that will be a perfect opportunity to wish her well in person. Our meetings have always had a good showing of students, but when there is a considerable distance to travel to a meeting, it is often difficult for students to attend. Our student activity coordinators, Carl Lienert (Fort Lewis College) and Beth Schaubroeck (US Air Force Academy) have obtained a grant from the central MAA organization to help increase the number of students attending our annual meeting, but unless we make a concerted effort to help students get to Adams State this year, the effects of that grant will be very hard to see. I urge our members to help organize students to attend and to talk up the benefits that a good road trip will have on their scholastic endeavors.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Alamosa.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Cherowitzo, UCD

Chair, Rocky Mountain Section



Putnam coordinators at participating schools please send Dick Gibbs, gibbs_d@fortlewis.edu  your top three scores. No names are requested at this time. When we know the top three scores, we will contact the schools for the names.



I heard the weather was nice in San Diego and the Board of Governors meeting was exciting and productive. I don’t know for sure because I wasn’t there. I feel remiss that as your section Governor I did not attend the meeting, but I was told not to go by some very powerful people in Washington DC (no, I’m not talking about MAA Executive Director, Michael Pearson). Instead, I am referring to the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Air Force. It seems my travel plans got caught in an avalanche related to the not-so-mythical fiscal cliff. Right before winter break, without much warning, all funding for travel to civilian conferences was suspended. Hopefully, many of you enjoyed JMM in San Diego; I spent that week teaching my classes in a somewhat foul mood.

But what of the Board of Governors meeting you must be wondering? Fear not, we were well represented. Our own Hortensia Soto-Johnson (the current MAA Governor for Minority Affairs, MAA Associate Treasurer-elect, and former Governor of the RMS) served as my proxy in representing the interests of our section. By all accounts (and there were many) she did a great job.

What follows is a summary of key items from the Board of Governors meeting. Many thanks to Tensia for taking such detailed notes.

After approving the minutes from the MathFest 2012 board of governors meeting, MAA President Paul Zorn acknowledged the loss of Doug Faires who has given much of his time and energy to the MAA. Doug’s undergraduate grants have provided financial support for our PPRUMC. He will be greatly missed!

Action items included approving the budget and the new membership schedule. Like many other professional organizations, the MAA has experienced a financial strain but its assets allow us to continue to offer numerous programs and services to our members. The executive committee is optimistic about the coming years especially because approximately $200,000 of this year’s deficit is due to bringing in some customer service activities in-house while still being out-sourced. Phasing out this parallel work will save funds for the MAA. Furthermore, we expect AMC to bring in more funds to the MAA.

The second action item related to the new membership dues. In an effort to simplify and better manage the membership, the Board agreed on the following dues structure:

·         Member Plus (this might be called something else): $269

·         Member: $169

·         Member who is 70 years old and has been a member for 25 years: $100

·         K-12 teacher: $55

·         Student: $35

Given that membership covers less than 25% of MAA expenditures, this new schedule will also alleviate our financial strain because it will be cost neutral. It is important to point out that this schedule does not prevent the MAA from offering discounts for those who are unemployed and wish to be MAA members and new members. Those who register for the member-plus or member package will be voting members of the organization. Sections are encouraged to have differentiated registration rates for MAA members and non-members even though this is difficult to verify.

Another important discussion centered on book sales.The following procedures will be followed regarding MAA book sales at section meetings:

a.    There will be a 35% discount on books at section meetings.

b.    The section book representative will receive a code and this code should be distributed to section members. Members can use this code to obtain the 35% discount during the week of the meeting and the week after.

c.    The host institution is encouraged to have a computer and wifi available so that members can buy their books at the section meeting. The section book representative can facilitate this.


We will continue to get paper forms and price lists in case someone chooses to not order on-line. The Section will continue to get a percentage of sales and receive sample books to have on display at the Section meeting.

The meeting was quite successful with pre-registration being approximately 1000 people short of the record number of participants from the 2012 JMM – 7156. See you at MathFest in Hartford, Connecticut from Aug 1-3, 2013 and at JMM in Baltimore, Maryland from Jan 15-18, 2014.

That ends the official part of the report from Tensia and all the folks lucky enough to spend a few days in San Diego. Closer to home, I hope to see all of you at the Rocky Mountain Section meeting on April 26-27 at Adams State in Alamosa. If you’ve never been to Alamosa, it offers dramatic scenery, the Sand Dunes National Monument, the Colorado Alligator Farm, and some great local restaurants.  Plus, I have no doubt the meeting itself will be outstanding.

As always, please let me or any member of the Executive Committee know how the MAA can better serve the Rocky Mountain Section.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Brilleslyper, USAFA

Governor, Rocky Mountain Section



Colorado School of Mines

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS) at the Colorado School of Mines is pleased to announce the introduction of an Actuarial Science Program. The program’s aim is to introduce students to mathematical methods and tools used in the investment and insurance industries. The AMS Department and the Division of Economics and Business will offer several courses to prepare students for the preliminary actuarial exams and an actuarial career. The AMS Department will also organize a campus-wide Actuarial Science Club. The goals of the club include increasing awareness of the actuarial profession on campus, hosting guest speakers from local actuarial companies, assisting with resume and interview preparation and providing a bridge between students and the actuarial industry.

Anyone interested in additional information about the new program should contact Willy Hereman (whereman@mines.edu).


South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

It has been a busy fall semester. We managed to attract nine students to take the Putnam exam in December and we anxiously await the results. We also had an ACM programming team qualify for the World Finals. This is the fifth team we have had qualify for the World Finals, which is basically an invitation to the top 1% of teams that compete from around the world. The World Finals is going to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the end of June this summer. We also have a new addition to the faculty with Dr. Christer Karlsson joining us from the Colorado School of Mines. He will be teaching the introduction to computer science class along with parallel programming.


University of Colorado at Boulder

   Rob Tubbs of CU-Boulder has been appointed director of the Miramontes Arts and Sciences Program in the College of Arts and Sciences. This program is open to undergraduates from traditionally under-represented groups; it offers both a summer "bridge" program for incoming freshmen and year-round mentoring and scholarships. As for his research, this past fall Rob spent three weeks in Pisa, Italy at the Scuola Normale Superiore studying diophantine geometry.


Is news from your school missing?

Send your news to your department liaison now with a request to forward it to the Linda Sundbye, Newsletter Editor for inclusion in the next issue. sundbyel@mscd.edu



On March 2, 2013 we will be holding the 2013 SIAM Front Range Student Conference at the University of Colorado Denver.

 Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate by giving 20 minute talks on a class project or research project related to applied mathematics. Or please come and listen and learn about all the great projects that are being done at many of the front range schools. The keynote speaker will be Loren Cobb of the University of Colorado. For more information, please see


Sponsored by the University of Colorado Boulder/ Colorado Springs/ Denver, Colorado School of Mines, and Colorado State University.

      Anne Dougherty, CU-Boulder




Registration is now open for the MAA’s 2013 series of Professional Enhancement Program (PREP) workshops. There are both online workshop and onsite workshops. For more information, visit: http://www.maa.org/prep/2013/




Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics (CCTM) is helping to host the NCTM national conference, which will be in Denver on April 17-20, 2013. The focus of the NCTM national conference is Reasoning and Proof: Is it true? Convince me!  The registration for the conference is open on NCTM website.

CCTM needs volunteers to help with this great event. This is a great opportunity for pre-service teachers to volunteer and learn more about CCTM and NCTM. Volunteers are able to register for the entire conference at the member rate, which could save you up to $76, and will get free t-shirt! Student volunteers will have an opportunity to get one free day at the conference (on the day that they volunteer). Volunteers will ask to devote a 4-hour block of their time to oversee meeting rooms or direct conference attendees around the convention center. For more information on volunteering contact Diane Weaver (weavcctm@aol.com) or check NCTM website


The annual CCTM conference will be held in Denver on October 10-11, 2013. More details on how to register and submit proposals will be available on the CCTM website:


Hoping to see you at both events!

Gulden Karakok, UNC



Plans are being made for the 18th Colorado Mathematics Awards Ceremony and Reception to be held on Thursday, May 16 at the Grant - Humphreys Mansion in Denver. At the school level we'll be recognizing the top ten participants on MATHCOUNTS, the AMC 8, 10, and 12 contests, and the outstanding members of the Colorado American Regions Mathematics League team. At the collegiate level we'll be recognizing the top three Putnam scorers and the top team(s) on the Mathematical Contest in Modeling. We expect to recognize between 50 and 60 winners. With the winners, parents, and teachers, we expect between 120 and 130 to attend the event.

We are very appreciative of the support that the Rocky Mountain Section has provided for this event over the years.

Other sponsors of the Colorado Mathematics Awards are the American Mathematics Competitions, CH2MHill, the Professional Engineers of Colorado, and members of the Colorado Mathematics Awards Steering Committee.

Suggestions for additional sources of funding are welcomed. Please contact me at gibbs_d@fortlewis.edu.

Thank you,

Dick Gibbs, Co-Chair

Colorado Mathematics Awards

Steering Committee

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics

Fort Lewis College



The American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the Mathematical Association of America, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics announce that the theme for Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2013, is Mathematics of Sustainability.

Humanity continually faces the task of how to balance human needs against the world's resources while operating within the constraints imposed by the laws of nature. Mathematics helps us better understand these complex issues and is used by mathematicians and practitioners in a wide range of fields to seek creative solutions for a sustainable way of life. Society and individuals will need to make challenging choices; mathematics provides us with tools to make informed decisions.

Math Awareness Month is held each year in April. Initiated in 1986 to increase public understanding of, and appreciation for, mathematics, this annual event highlights the relevance of mathematics to a particular area of scientific endeavor.

For more information, visit:

http://www.mathaware.org .



Experience Alaska’s inside passage with the MAA on a small cruise ship with Alaskan Dream Cruises, July 9-17, 2013. For more information and pricing, visit:


or call Alaskan Dream Cruises at 855-747-8100 and ask for the MAA Tour.



I am the department liaison for the department Connecting Research to Teaching for the Mathematics Teacher, published by the NCTM and we are soliciting manuscripts. You can find more about this department at:


or feel free to contact me at:


If you have done something in your classroom that is research-based, then please consider submitting a manuscript. The manuscript should be accessible to someone (not necessarily everyone) in the 8-14 grade range.

Hortensia Soto-Johnson, (UNC)



The Wyoming Math Articulation Meeting is April 5th and 6th in Gillette Wyoming at Gillette College.  Community college math instructors from around the state and parts of Montana will gather to hear of new innovations in teaching mathematics at the community college level, research and articles written by math instructors, and share ideas for improving student performance in mathematics.  Transfer skills to the university level, and progress to a bachelor’s and graduate degree are always hot topics, as are educational opportunities for faculty.  A round table discussion/gathering of members of MAA is planned for sharing of ideas, value of MAA membership, and experiences.

Sue Norris, Section Vice Chair

Northwest College Wyoming



Section Vice Chair replacement

Sue Norris, our current vice chair will be moving to Iowa. Best wishes to Sue and we wish to thank her for her service! Consequently, we are looking for a replacement Vice Chairperson to fulfill the remainder of Sue’s term.

The position of Vice-Chair must be filled by a person associated with a two-year college. Anyone interested in running for this position should contact the nominating committee chair Cathy Bonan-Hamada at


The election will take place at the annual meeting in April.


Section Chair Position

The Nominating Committee for the RMS-MAA is currently looking for individuals who are interested in running for the position of Chair-elect. Chair-elect is a one year position that commences in April 2013 and terminates in April 2014, when this person becomes the Chair for a two year term (April 2014-April 2016) and then serves as Past-chair for one year (April 2016-April 2017). The election will take place at the Spring 2013 RMS-MAA meeting that will be held in Alamosa on April 26-27 and is hosted by Adams State University. Duties (taken from the RMS-MAA website at

http://sections.maa.org/rockymt) include:


Chairperson-Elect (one year term)

 1.  Watch and learn.

 2.  Attend all Executive Committee Meetings.

 3. Act in place of Chairperson if that officer cannot fulfill his/her position.

 4.  Serve on Program Committee

 5. Chair the Distinguished Teaching Award Committee

 Chairperson (two year term, usually preceding year's Chairperson-Elect)

1.    Provide leadership for Section; much of the section business can be conducted by phone or e-mail.

 2. Receive and answer mail from national MAA.

 3. Arrange and preside at Fall Executive Committee Meeting, if held (usually held on campus of host institution).

 4. Preside at Spring Executive Committee (luncheon) Meeting (held late morning on Friday of Annual Spring meeting).

 5. Preside at Annual Business Meeting (held early Saturday morning of Annual Spring meeting).

6.  Represent the Section at the Section Officers' Meeting held in conjunction with the Summer MathFest and the Winter Joint Meetings of AMS/MAA, or designate a replacement. (Some travel costs are subsidized by the national MAA; the amount of the subsidy varies.)

 7. Serve on Program Committee.

 8. Serve on Committee on Profession Linkages, or designate a representative of four –year colleges.

 9. Coordinate with Program chair to arrange for invited speaker from national MAA speaker list. (MAA furnishes an officer to act as a speaker at the Annual Meeting. We pay only local expenses. We usually invite this officer for the Banquet Address and an hour's invited address. The national office provides a list of suitable speakers that they subsidize.)

10.  Appoint a member for a one-year term to the Distinguished Teaching Award Selection Committee.

 11. Appoint a member (each year) to the Nominating Committee.


Past Chair (one year term)

 1. Follow-up on programs begun during his or her term as Chair.

 2. Attend all Executive Committee Meetings.

 3. Act in place of Chairperson if that officer cannot fulfill his/her position.

 4. Serve on Program Committee.

 5. Chair the Distinguished Teaching Award Committee.

     For more information about the position, contact our current chair, William Cherowitzo at
william.cherowitzo@ucdenver.edu. If you're interested in the position, please let one of the members of the nominating committee know as soon as possible. The members of the Nominating Committee are Jeff Berg (Jeff.Berg@arapahoe.edu), Cathy Bonan-Hamada (cbonan@coloradomesa.edu) and Lynne Ipina, University of Wyoming.

      Cathy Bonan-Hamada

Colorado Mesa University


      Adams State University  to Host 2013 Meeting
April 26 -27, 2013


The 2013 Rocky Mountain Section Meeting will be held at Adams State University in Alamosa on Friday and Saturday, April 26-27, 2013.

We invite anyone who is interested in mathematics to attend the meeting. A special invitation is extended to mathematics teachers at all levels, as well as undergraduate students, graduate students, industry and government mathematicians. There will be a variety of invited talks and sessions catering to a multitude of interests.


Conference information, registration, abstract submission will be posted on the conference webpage at http://blogs.adams.edu/maa-meeting-2013. Please check back regularly for conference updates.



The meeting will feature the following invited speakers:


1)    Dr. Janet Nichols,  Colorado State University - Pueblo

      The 2012 Burton W. Jones Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient


2)    Dr. Michael Pearson, Executive Director of the MAA



Everyone is invited and encouraged to present a talk in the conference.

Talks on all mathematical topics are welcome!

The standard length of a contributed talk will be 15-20 minutes. However, we will make an effort to accommodate requests for longer talks and other scheduling preferences (within the constraints of the schedule).

The preferred way to submit the title and abstract of a talk is on-line, through the conference web site: 



In addition to the general sessions which will encompass all mathematical topics, special sessions are being organized around the following themes.

      History of Mathematics

Teaching Innovations

Graduate Student Research

      Undergraduate Research

      General Contributed Papers



Please come and join us for the section meeting in April! We received a grant to support student activities at the section meeting. In particular, we will have a pizza and games session to kick off the meeting (Friday lunch) and will encourage student attendance at the banquet by reducing the cost of student attendance at that event. While you’re there, please consider giving a student talk! We had one of our best showings of student talks at the 2012 section meeting—can we surpass it in 2013? We hope so!


Feel free to contact Beth (beth.schaubroeck@usafa.edu) or Carl (lienert_c@fortlewis.edu) with any questions.


*Funding for the student activities is provided by NSF grant DMS-0846477 through the MAA Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences program, www.maa.org/RUMC.




Travel Information, including maps and directions will be available on the conference webpage:   http://blogs.adams.edu/maa-meeting-2013


Group hotel rates are offered by the Hampton Inn and the Ramada Inn in Alamosa. To take advantage of these rates, please make your reservations by April 1, 2013 and request the MAA group rate.


Please visit the conference webpage for more information and links to the hotel websites.




Participants: Bill Cherowitzo, Mike Brilleslyper, Sue Norris, Daluss Siewert, Heidi Keck


On October 12, 2012 section president Bill Cherowitzo proposed the executive committee consider six issues via email. Discussion concluded on February 1, 2013.


1.    Section support for officers attending national meetings in official capacities.

This motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously:


As long as section funds allow, we support travel for the official section representative at MATHFEST each year by matching the amount from national office. Specifically, the official section representative would receive two times the regular MathFest registration fee from the section, where one regular registration fee will be reimbursed to the section by the national office ($250 for this past year) through the annual subvention payment. The official representative for the section will be the section chair or his/her designee.


This discussion was started before MathFest, the national payment of $250 that we will receive was for this year's MathFest, and the intent of the motion was that it was for starting at MathFest 2012.

Section president Bill Cherowitzo was the official section representative for MathFest 2012. He received $500 for travel reimbursement. 


2.    Shall the section support the SIGMAA-RUME by applying for a Colorado Tax exempt status?

Consensus was that the section should not get involved with this. Denver has specific sales tax rules as a “home rule city” that would not apply to meetings or events hosted in other places.


3.    2013 Haimo award nomination.

At the spring 2012 Executive Committee meeting in Denver, the executive committee decided to look at past DTA award winners to determine who would be the 2013 nominee for the national Haimo award. The past five years of section DTA winners were re-examined. The committee chose Eric Stade as this year’s Haimo nominee.


4.    Application to RUMC for money available for increasing undergraduate student participation at regional meetings.

Discussion followed on funding a Friday lunch for students and possibly subsidizing the banquet costs for a limited number of student tickets. Travel reimbursement was discussed and rejected as too cumbersome. Beth Schaubroeck applied for and was awarded $650 to support student activities at the spring meeting.


5.    Mini - job fair at the annual meeting.

There was support for this idea, but some concern that an April meeting falls after the main hiring season. Space and time could be set aside to facilitate discussion between potential candidates and schools.


6.    Colorado 2yr - 4yr articulation agreements.

Consensus was that we should not get involved with this issue, as the section represents several states and many non-state schools.





Rocky Mountain Section Financial Report - Year Ended 12/31/2012




B.1  MAA Subvention


B.3  Meeting - Registrations


B.6  Meeting Exhibitors


B.9  Interest Savings/CD


B.10  Book Sales





C.6  Newsletters


C.7  Travel


C.8  Meeting Expenses


C.10  Students Lecture Program


C.11  Book Sale


C.13  Awards


C.15  CO Math Awards






(D) ENDING BANK BALANCE,  12/31/2012


(A + B - C = D)

Heidi Keck



January 31, 2013







The Rocky Mountain Section would like to offer the following suggestions, especially to first-time speakers, regarding preparation of a talk at the conference.

  1. The standard talk length is 20 minutes, (with longer times available upon request, subject to the limitations of the program). Thus, you should prepare your presentation to fit the time allotted. If possible, plan to leave a few minutes at the end of your presentation for questions.
  2. A moderator will be assigned to facilitate each session of presentations. The moderator will introduce the speaker, assist in distribution of any handouts, signal the end of the presentation, and ask for questions from the audience.
  3. If handouts are to be provided, give them to the moderator prior to the beginning of the session including your talk. Plan to bring about 35 handouts and be prepared to give attendees your e-mail address in case the supply runs out. It may also be possible to arrange for posting of electronic materials from your talk on the section website. Check with program organizers concerning this possibility.
  4. Do not include too much detailed technical material in your presentation. Focus on providing the audience with insight into your topic and its key notions. Remember that most members of the audience will not be experts in the field you are discussing, and that the audience is likely to include students.
  5. All session rooms will be equipped with a projector and a laptop hook up. Accordingly, you can present your talk using Power Point slides, PDF, or similar, which will greatly enhance the pace of a presentation. However, make sure that notes on the slides or transparencies are typed in a font big enough and with spacing adequate to be seen clearly 50 to 100 feet away. 




Section Activity Grants Available

The purpose of the Section Activity Grants program is to assist Section members in funding projects in support of Section Mission. These projects must be clearly tied to one or more of the Rocky Mountain Section Mission Goals and the project director must be a member of MAA.   Grants will not exceed $750 per project. Matching funds from host institution are preferred, but not required. To apply for a Section Activity Grant, submit the following to the Section Secretary/Treasurer:

 (a)       Description of project (no more than one page);

(b) Statement of how project supports Mission Goals (no more than one page);

(c) Estimated budget;

(d) Description of matching funds available, if any;

(e)  Vitae of project director(s). 

If funded, a report on the project will be filed by the Project Director upon completion (no more than one page) and a report will be made at the next meeting of the Section. Complete details on the selection process and application guidelines are posted on the section website. Grants will be reviewed once a year. All application materials are due November 1st of each year.


Student Recognition Grants Available

The establishment of a Student Recognition Grant Program was approved by the section membership at the 2003 Annual Business Meeting. In support of this program, the Section will set aside $500 every calendar year. From these monies, the Section will make grants for the purpose of recognizing superior achievement in mathematics on the part of (1) students enrolled in post-secondary institutions within the geographic region served by the Section and (2) high school students whose school districts, or other appropriate political subdivisions, substantially intersect the geographic region served by the Section.

Proposals for such grants must

1.   Originate from a member of the Rocky Mountain Section of the Mathematical Association of America on behalf of an agency, institution, or organization whose stated purposes are consistent with recognizing or encouraging superior academic achievement at the high school level;

2.   Be in the hands of the Chair of the Rocky Mountain Section no later than March 15 of the year in which the proposed recognition is to be made;

3.   Include the criteria under which superior achievement in mathematics is to be recognized, together with the time and the manner of such recognition;

4.   Report, insofar as possible at the time of the proposal, other potential sources of support together with proposals or requests made or intended; and

5.   Be limited to a maximum amount of $250.

The Executive Committee will review all proposals for grants under this policy and will make such grants as, in its sole judgment, it deems proper. In keeping with the section mission, funding priority will be given to grants that include recognition of undergraduate students. Funding decisions will be announced no later than the Annual Business Meeting of the Section. Monies not expended during any particular year shall revert to the Section’s general fund.




The logo for the Rocky Mountain Section of the Mathematical Association of America was created in by Mark Petersen in 2001. A graduate student in the Applied Mathematics Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder at that time, Mark says of his design:

 “The mountain symbols were chosen because analysis is the foundation for all of mathematics. The equation eip + 1 = 0 must rank among the most beautiful formulas in mathematics. It connects the five most important constants of mathematics with the three most important operations - addition, multiplication, and exponentiation. These five constants symbolize the four major branches of classical mathematics: arithmetic, represented by 0 and 1; algebra, by i; geometry, by p; and analysis, by e. (Quoted from Eli Maor’s e, The Story of a Number). I chose to portray this equation as a train because rail has historically been the life blood of the American West, and trains are complementary to any mountain scene.”



ICTCM; Boston, MA

    March 21-24, 2013

MAA Rocky Mountain Section Meeting

    Adams State University

    April 26-27, 2013

NCTM annual meeting; Denver, CO

    April 17-20, 2013

MAA MathFest; Hartford, CT

    July 31 - August 3, 2013

CCTM; Denver, CO

    October 10-11, 2013


Joint Mathematics Meetings; Baltimore, MD

    January 15-18, 2014

MAA Rocky Mountain Section Meeting

    University of Wyoming

    April 2014

NCTM annual meeting; New Orleans, LA

    April 9-12, 2014

MAA MathFest; Portland, OR; August 7-9, 2014


Joint Mathematics Meetings; San Antonio, TX

    January 10-13, 2015

NCTM annual meeting; Boston, MA

    April 15-18, 2015

MAA 100th Anniversary MathFest

    Washington, DC; August 5-8, 2015


Joint Mathematics Meetings; Seattle, WA

    January 6-9, 2016

NCTM annual meeting; San Francisco, CA

    April 13-16, 2016


Joint Mathematics Meetings; Atlanta, GA

    January 4-7, 2017


Joint Mathematics Meetings; San Diego, CA

    January 10-13, 2018


Joint Mathematics Meetings; Baltimore, MD

    January 16-19, 2019




The Rocky Mountain Section of

The Mathematical Association of America


Burton W. Jones Award

for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics



Burton W. Jones Award Nomination Form


Name of Nominee                  _________________________                                             

(First name first)


College or University Affiliation                _______________                                         


College or University Address                              _______________                             


City      ____                      State                 Zip      ___     


Is the nominee a member of the MAA?              


Number of years of teaching experience in a mathematical science                


Has the nominee taught at least half time in a mathematical science

for the past three years (not counting a sabbatical period)?                   _          


On a separate page, briefly describe the unusual or extraordinary personal and professional qualities of the nominee that contribute to her or his extraordinary teaching success.



Name of Nominator)                 ________________                                               

(First name first)



Address of Nominator                                       ______________                      




Email Address                                       ______________                                  


Telephone:       Work            ______           Home       ______           Fax    ______          


Nominator’s Signature                                           _________________               




Nomination forms should reach Section Secretary by December 1 of each year.

Complete nomination materials should reach Section Secretary by January 15 of each year.


Section Secretary:   Heidi Keck, hkeck@western.edu

Western State College; Hurst Hall; Gunnison, CO 81231.


Please consult the Section webpage (http://sections.maa.org/rockymt) for complete guidelines.




Many thanks to those members who have made a voluntary dues contribution to the section along with their Spring Meeting Registration!

Although the section has found itself in good financial health in recent years, additional funds are always needed in order to pursue special initiatives suggested by the membership. The successful John Fauvel Memorial Conference and William Dunham Special Lecture, both supported in part by the Section Activity Grant program, provide excellent examples of what can be done with even a small amount of funding to support our section mission and goals.  

A voluntary section dues contribution from you now can help build up funds in support of similar initiatives! 

To submit your dues, simply return the coupon below with a check for any amount you wish - every little bit will help, and all contributors will receive a letter acknowledging the contribution for their financial records.



MAA Rocky Mountain Section Voluntary Dues Contribution Form


Name       _____________________________________________________________

Address   _____________________________________________________________

                _______________________________________  ZIP __________________


Please indicate in the space provided how you would like your dues to be used:


        ____________ Undergraduate Student Initiatives

       _____________      Graduate Student Initiatives  

       _____________      Burton W. Jones DTA Fund  

       _____________      Section Activity Grant Program 

       _____________      Wherever needed most

       _____________      Other:  ____________________________________

       _____________            TOTAL DUES PAID ($10 recommended)



Please make check payable to: MAA Rocky Mountain Section and return to: Heidi Keck, MAA Rocky Mountain Section Treasurer/Secretary: Western State College, Hurst Hall; Gunnison, CO 81231




To promote excellence in mathematics education,

especially at the collegiate level.



Mission Related Goals


1.   To foster scholarship, professional development, and professional cooperation among the various constituencies of the mathematical community within the region.


2.   To foster the implementation and study of recent research recommendations for the teaching, learning and assessment of collegiate mathematics.


3.   To support the implementation of effective mathematics preparation programs of prospective teachers at all levels.


4.   To enhance the interests, talents and achievements of all individuals in mathematics, especially of members of underrepresented groups.


5.   To provide recognition of the importance of mathematics, mathematical research and quality mathematics teaching, and promote public understanding of the same.


6.   To provide regional leadership in the promotion of systemic change in mathematics education, and in the enhancement of public understanding about the needs and importance of mathematical research and education.