Attention Students

Student Chapter Newsletter

Please take a moment to read through our Spring 2014 student chapters newsletter. We have lots of great information about what MAA student chapters have been up to in our section.

The EPaDel Section Student Mathematical Papers Prize Competition

If you know any undergraduates writing a mathematical paper this year, encourage them to enter the Papers Prize Competition.

Student Chapter Activities

Remind your Student Chapter members that in order to take advantage of the reduced membership fee, they must renew their membership through their advisor. Student membership includes a copy of Math Horizons and the MAA’s newsletter Focus. For an additional fee, students may also receive The College Mathematics Journal or The American Mathematical Monthly. Please visit for more information.

Math Horizons

If your department has not done so already, remember to order Math Horizons for your students. A bulk subscription of 20 copies costs just $200 for the year. For more information, visit the Math Horizons page at Also note that students who join an MAA Student Chapter also receives Math Horizons as part of their membership.