Call For Meeting Hosts

The EPaDel executive board seeks faculty volunteers interested in working with the board and their home institution to host an EPaDel meeting.

Fall meetings are generally in early/mid November, and spring meetings are generally in late March / early April. Interest from hosts is generally needed 6 months to 1 year in advance.

If you are interested, please email the current EPaDel Executive Committee Chair.

Questions & Answers

What is my role in organizing the meeting?

The EPaDel executive board runs as a well-oiled machine. Hence, we have many volunteers who take care of organizing different aspects of the meeting, such as the activity/talk sessions, the schedule for the day, the speakers, the registrations, the silent auction, etc.

This allows the local organizer to concentrate on tasks that only a member of their home institution can do, like:

We cannot emphasize enough that the local organizer is never working alone. The board members always work with the local organizers to make decisions for the day of the event. The local organizer is given a check list of items to consider and is invited to a board zoom meeting a few months prior to the meeting where the board members and the local organizer flesh out many of the details for the meeting. Also, for each meeting, the local organizers of the prior meetings act as guides/coaches to the next local organizer.

What is the cost to my home institution?

Generally, home institutions are reimbursed for all needed expenses.

Having said that, EPaDel does ask that the local organizer work with their home institutions to see if some fees can be waived, such as building/room/IT charges. Also, local organizers often ask their administration to show their support of EPaDel by covering a smaller cost of the institution’s choice, such as the cost of breakfast or of a coffee break. However, for many institutions, we know that this is simply not possible and that is never a problem.

At times, a home institution may wish to go "above and beyond" for the event, such as ordering t-shirts for the student volunteers, and some of these charges may not be reimbursed. However, the EPaDel treasurer works with the local organizer so that there is never confusion about what can and what cannot be reimbursed.