EPaDel Spring 2024 Section Meeting

Our Spring 2024 meeting was held April 13, 2024 at Albright College.


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Invited Speakers

Image of Speaker Annalisa Crannell
Franklin & Marshall College
The Moon Tilt Illusion and Perspective Geometry

We'll explore the wonders of how geometry and perspective art can help us look at the world in new ways (literally). We'll use this geometry to dig into a controversy about classical art (was Ivins correct that Dürer messed up perspective in his iconic etching of St. Jerome?). And then we'll use our tools to analyse an illusion that most of us haven't even thought to contemplate.

The Moon Tilt illusion confuses the viewer about the direction of illumination of a waxing or waning moon. We give several examples of this phenomenon and explain how the illusion arises from standard (but surprising) aspects of perspective projections. Familiar perspective drawings and photographs of objects such as clocks and cubes help us further analyze the unfamiliar explanations of pictures of illuminated portions of spheres.

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Image of Speaker Alexander Diaz-Lopez
Villanova University
Mathematics: Play, Truth, and Justice

In a celebrated talk in 2017, Francis Su argued that mathematics is for human flourishing as it helps us cultivate certain virtues through human desires such as Play, Beauty, Truth, Justice, and Love. In this talk, we will embark in a journey to explore aspects of mathematics that prompted me to feel or think about Play, Truth, and Justice. Among the topics to discuss are games, social media, AI, and politics.

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Image of Speaker Michael Jones
Managing Editor at Mathematical Reviews
The Fundamentals of Finite Markov Chains through Applications

A Markov chain is a probabilistic model that generates a sequence of outcomes such that the probability of the next term in the sequence only depends on the current term. Even though the study of finite Markov chains applies elementary ideas from linear algebra and probability theory, the topic is rarely taught in either class. This is a shame because the ideas are straightforward and the applications are varied, compelling, and accessible. In this talk, the fundamentals of Markov chains—including the fundamental matrix, regular chains, absorption times, etc.—will be introduced through applications including the Super Bowl box pool, the Penney Ante game (made popular by Martin Gardner), the television game show The Chase, and Chutes and Ladders.

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Student Activity

Local Organizers

The local organizers for this meeting are Chris Catone and Brittany Ohlinger of Albright College. Please contact a local organizer with site-specific questions, or contact an Executive Committee member with more general questions.