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Faculty Session 1
1:00--2:00, Main Building 216
Speakers: Roshini Gallage, David DiMarco, Ryan Savitz, Scott Moon

Faculty Session 2
1:00--2:00, Main Building 217
Speakers: Wing Hong Tony Wong, Jay Schiffman, Olena Kozhushkina

Faculty Session 3
1:00--2:00, Main Building 218
Speakers: Clifford Johnston, Daniel Cooney, Nathan Ryan

Faculty Session 1, Main Building 216

1:00, Roshini Gallage (Community College of Baltimore County)
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1:20, David DiMarco, Ryan Savitz (Neumann University)
A Simple Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
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1:40, Scott Moon (West Chester University)
Mayfly Mathematics: How Mayflies Synchronize
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Faculty Session 2, Main Building 217

1:00, Wing Hong Tony Wong (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)
$k$-fold super totient numbers
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1:20, Jay Schiffman (Retired (Rowan University))
One Rich Problem Fostering Much Engagement For Elementary Pre-Service Teachers
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1:40, Olena Kozhushkina (Ursinus College)
p-Adic Valuations of Quadratic Sequences
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Faculty Session 3, Main Building 218

1:00, Clifford Johnston (West Chester University of PA)
Induction and Well-ordering in the Natural Numbers
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1:20, Daniel Cooney (University of Pennsylvania)
Social Dilemmas of Sociality due to Beneficial and Costly Contagion
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1:40, Nathan Ryan (Bucknell University)
Introducing the Pennsylvania Math Alliance
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