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Session I-A
2:05pm--3:05pm, Gambet 206
Speakers: Megan McGee, Alvaro Rafael Belmonte, Rey Anaya, Sabrina Traver, William Baar, Chooka Weiss, Sam Mathers

Session I-B
2:05pm--3:05pm, Gambet 214
Speakers: Vanessa Maybruck, Gillian Rose McGuire, Joseph Franks, Peter Liu, Laura Seaberg

Session I-C
2:05pm--3:05pm, Gambet 224
Speakers: Caroline Pathappillil, Malcolm Kenyon, Dhanush Rajesh, Charles Kulick, Beth Anne Castellano, Megan Osborne, Edmond Mbadu

Session I-D
2:05pm--3:05pm, Gambet 232
Speakers: Aubrey Schall, Halee Kemper, Benjamin Skultety, Christopher Blum, Dhruv Dhingani, Chance Mezzaroba, Shabnoor Begum, Kyle Brunner, Maria Bouda, Steven Simpkins, Steven Boothe, Mathew Becker, Teresa Simon , Shea Moore

Session I-A, Gambet 206

2:05pm, Megan McGee (Millersville University)
Study of the recovery of nesting bald eagle population in New Jersey by statistical and mathematical models
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2:15pm, Alvaro Rafael Belmonte, Rey Anaya (Morovian College)
2-Super Bondage Number and Network Reliability.
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2:25pm, Sabrina Traver (King's College)
Latin Squares, Transversals, and Determinants: When Sudoku and Linear Algebra Cross Paths
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2:35pm, William Baar (Muhlenberg College)
Classifying Configuration Graphs of the Class-0 Petersen Graph
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2:45pm, Chooka Weiss (Muhlenberg College)
Exploration to the Pythagorean Quintuple
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2:55pm, Sam Mathers (Princeton University)
Transitivity on the Calogero-Moser Variety $C_2$
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Session I-B, Gambet 214

2:05pm, Vanessa Maybruck (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)
An Analysis and Extension of the Fontan Procedure Model for Cardiovascular Flow
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2:15pm, Gillian Rose McGuire (Temple University)
The Frequency of Agreement Between Advanced Voting Systems
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2:25pm, Joseph Franks (Temple University)
Expected Value, Average Trajectory and Minimal Cycles of the 3n+1 Problem
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2:35pm, Peter Liu (Franklin and Marshall College)
Finding Solutions of $a^{\sqrt b} = b^{\sqrt a}$, $(a,b\in \mathbb Z^+)$ using Calculus
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2:45pm, Laura Seaberg (Haverford College)
An Analogue of K-marked Durfee Symbols for Strongly Unimodal Sequences
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Session I-C, Gambet 224

2:05pm, Caroline Pathappillil (Penn State Brandywine)
The Mathematics behind Medical Imaging
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2:15pm, Malcolm Kenyon (Penn State Brandywine)
Expansion of Martin Gardner’s Dollar Bill Trick
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2:25pm, Dhanush Rajesh (Pennslyvania State University-Brandywine)
Base Number System in Math Magic
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2:35pm, Charles Kulick, Beth Anne Castellano (The University of Scranton)
Exploring Preference Orderings Through Discrete Geometry
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2:45pm, Megan Osborne (University of Scranton)
Probability Modeling of HIV Viral Blips
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2:55pm, Edmond Mbadu (Chestnut Hill College)
The Mathematics behind Mirror Anamorphosis
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Session I-D, Gambet 232

2:05pm, Aubrey Schall, Halee Kemper (University of the Sciences)
Carl Fridrich Gauss’ Contributions to Mathematics
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2:15pm, Benjamin Skultety, Christopher Blum (University of the Sciences)
20 Moves or Less: God's Number
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2:25pm, Dhruv Dhingani, Chance Mezzaroba, Shabnoor Begum (University of the Sciences)
The Use of Discrete Mathematics in Cryptology
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2:35pm, Kyle Brunner, Maria Bouda (University of the Sciences)
Applications of Matrices in Chemistry Topics
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2:45pm, Steven Simpkins, Steven Boothe, Mathew Becker (University of the Sciences)
Shor's algorithm
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2:55pm, Teresa Simon , Shea Moore (University of the Sciences in Philadelphia )
Using Graph Theory to Study Brain Network Organization
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