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Faculty/Graduate Session 1
1:00pm--1:55pm, Gambet 206
Speakers: Guoan Diao, Derek Smith, Erin R. Moss

Faculty/Graduate Session 2
1:00pm--1:55pm, Gambet 214
Speakers: Christopher Vaughen, Michael Yatauro, Ethan Berkove

Faculty/Graduate Session 3
1:00pm--1:35pm, Gambet 224
Speakers: Myung Song, Baoling Ma

Faculty/Graduate Session 4
1:00pm--1:55pm, Gambet 232
Speakers: Wing Hong Tony Wong, Kevin Byrnes, Benjamin Nassau

Faculty/Graduate Session 1, Gambet 206

1:00pm, Guoan Diao (Holy Family University)
Are students ready for Lagrange Multipliers?
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1:20pm, Derek Smith (Lafayette College)
The Batfox Assignment, and Other 3D Printing Adventures in Third-Semester Calculus
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1:40pm, Erin R. Moss (Millersville University)
Liberal Arts Mathematics: Online Resources and Flexible Framing
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Faculty/Graduate Session 2, Gambet 214

1:00pm, Christopher Vaughen (Montgomery County Community College)
The Kerbal Math & Physics Lab
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1:20pm, Michael Yatauro (Penn State - Brandywine)
Mathematics in The Simpsons and Futurama
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1:40pm, Ethan Berkove (Lafayette College)
Polynomial division, generating functions, and sum formulas
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Faculty/Graduate Session 3, Gambet 224

1:00pm, Myung Song (Kutztown University)
A Numerical Likelihood-Based Approach to Combining Information
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1:20pm, Baoling Ma (Millersville University of Pennsylvania)
Mathematical models to investigate the interactions between malaria parasites and host immune response
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Faculty/Graduate Session 4, Gambet 232

1:00pm, Wing Hong Tony Wong (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)
A bijective proof for the probability in a random walk game
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1:20pm, Kevin Byrnes (Wilmington, DE)
The Asymptotic Order of Circuit Codes
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1:40pm, Benjamin Nassau (University of Delaware)
On the Biaffine Part of \(PG(2,q)\) and its Myriad Properties
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