14 Founders of the Section

The following members of the Mathematical Association of America attended the first (organizational) meeting of the Southeastern Section on April 29, 1922, in Atlanta. The ten persons marked (*) were also Charter Members of the Mathematical Association of America.

  D.F. Barrow (died 1970) University of Georgia
$*$ J.B. Coleman (died 1955) University of South Carolina
$*$ T.R. Eagles (died 1936) Howard College, Birmingham
$*$ Floyd Field (died 1958) Georgia School of Technology
  Tomlinson Fort (died 1970) University of Alabama
  Leslie Gaylord (died 1991) Agnes Scott College
$*$ J.F. Messick (died 1951) Emory University
$*$ A.B Morton (died 1933) Georgia School of Technology
$*$ M.T. Peed (died 1925) Emory University
  W.W. Rankin, Jr. (died 1961) Agnes Scott College
  H.A. Robinson (died 1981) University of Georgia
$*$ Douglas Rumble (died 1967) Emory University
$*$ W.V. Skiles (died 1947) Georgia School of Technology
$*$ D.M. Smith (died 1962) Georgia School of Technology
$*$ R.P. Stephens (died 1954) University of Georgia