State Dinners

Checklist for Hosting an MAA State Dinner

  1. Contact previous hosts for advice and suggestions.
  2. Set a date and time for the event.
  3. Reserve facilities for registration, reception, and dinner.
  4. Inform campus security of the event and secure parking space if possible.
  5. Contact food services about reception and dinner menus and costs.
  6. Decide on sign needs and cost to direct traffic to parking and give directions to registration.
  7. Check on costs for the printing and mailing of flyers.
  8. Estimate total cost.
  9. Decide on funding (self-supporting, subsidized by departmental or other school funds, etc.)
  10. Secure a speaker, topic, and speaker needs.
  11. Design, print, and mail a flyer/registration form.
  12. Decide how to handle money, record keeping, and responses for pre-registration.
  13. Decide on physical set up for:
    1. Sign placement.
    2. Registration: tables, chairs, trashcans, nametags, pens, moneybox, change, record keeping, etc.
    3. Reception: placement of food and room to mingle.
    4. Dinner: number of tables, table decorations, specialized seating, head table, plants, banners, lectern, microphone, overhead, screen, computer, data projector, etc.
  14. Recruit and assign students and faculty to be greeters, work registration, help with setup/tear down, etc.
  15. Keep accurate records of cost and attendance.
  16. Properly thank speaker, helpers, and attendees.