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Sectional Governors

1949-1952 Tomlinson Fort University of Alabama
1952-1955 F.A. Lewis University of Alabama
1955-1958 F.W. Kokomoor University of Florida
1958-1961 G.B. Huff University of Georgia
1961-1964 H.S. Thurston University of Alabama
1964-1967 J.R. Wesson Vanderbilt University
1967-1970 R.W. Ball, Jr. Auburn University
1970-1973 Henry Sharp, Jr. Emory University
1973-1976 Billy F. Bryant Vanderbilt University
1976-1979 Trevor Evans Emory University
1979-1982 John D. Neff Georgia Institute of Technology
1982-1985 Ivey C. Gentry Wake Forest University
1985-1988 John W. Kenelly Clemson University
1988-1991 J.H. Carruth University of Tennessee-Knoxville
1991-1994 Mary F. Neff Emory University
1994-1997 David Stone Georgia Southern University
1997-2000 Sylvia Bozeman Spelman College
2000-2003 Theresa Early Appalachian State University
2003-2006 Ben Klein Davidson College
2006-2009 Ellen Kirkman Wake Forest University
2009-2012 Stephen Davis Davidson College
2012-2015 Martha Abell Georgia Southern University
2015- Charlotte Knotts-Zides Wofford College

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