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Section Chairs

1922 Floyd Field Georgia School of Technology
1923 R.P. Stephens University of Georgia
1924 Tomlinson Fort University of Alabama
1925 M.T. Peed Emory University
1926 W.P. Ott University of Alabama
1927 J.B. Coleman University of South Carolina
1928 A.B. Morton Georgia School of Technology
1929 A.B. Morton? Georgia School of Technology
1930 J.F. Messick Emory University
1931 C.D. Killebrew Alabama Polytechnic Institute
1932 T.M. Simpson University of Florida
1933 D.F. Barrow University of Georgia
1934 W.P. Ott University of Alabama
1935 F.W. Kokomoor University of Florida
1936 W.W. Rankin, Jr. Duke University
1937 J.B. Jackson University of South Carolina
1938 J.A. Hyden Vanderbilt University
1939 C.L. Hair The Citadel
1940 Forrest Cumming University of Georgia
1941-1945 J.W. Lasley University of North Carolina
1946 Ruth Stokes Winthrop College
1947 J.W. Cell North Carolina State College
1948 L.A. Dye The Citadel
1949 F.A.Lewis University of Alabama
1950 C.G. Phipps University of Florida
1951 B.G. Clark Vanderbilt University
1952 H.K. Fulmaer Georgia School of Technology
1953 W.V. Parker Alabama Polytechnic Institute (Auburn University)
1954 W.L. Williams University of South Carolina
1955 R.H. Moorman Tennessee Polytechnic Institute
1956 G.B. Huff University of Georgia
1957 Trevor Evans Emory University
1958 D.E. South University of Florida
1959 T.C. Carson East Tennessee State College
1960 H.A. Robinson Agnes Scott College
1961 E.B. Shanks Vanderbilt University
1962 Anne Lewis Woman's College, University of North Carolina
1963 Winston Massey University of Chattanooga
1964 M.K. Fort, Jr. University of Georgia
1965 J.E. Maxfield University of Florida
1966 C.V. Aucoin Clemson University
1967 R.E. Wheeler Samford University
1968 J.H. Wahab University of North Carolina-Charlotte
1969 T.J. Pignani East Carolina University
1970 H.E. Taylor West Georgia College
1971 R.L. Plunkett University of Alabama
1972 Trevor Evans Emory University
1973 H.V. Park North Carolina State University
1974 J.H. Wahab University of South Carolina
1975 J.R. Wesson Vanderbilt University
1976 Emilie Haynsworth Auburn University
1977 Ivey C. Gentry Wake Forest University
1978 John Kenelly Clemson University
1979 John D. Neff Georgia Institute of Technology
1980 Lida K. Barrett (elected), B.F. Bryant (appointed) University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Vanderbilt University
1981 J.H. Carruth University of Tennessee-Knoxville
1982 Mary F. Neff Emory University
1983 Isaac S. Metts The Citadel
1984 F. Lee Cook University of Alabama-Huntsville
1985-1987 Edmond D. Dixon Tennessee Technical University
1987-1989 Sharon C. Ross DeKalb College
1989-1991 Charles Cleaver The Citadel
1991-1993 David R. Stone Georgia Southern University
1993-1995 Ben Klein Davidson College
1995-1997 Tina Straley Kennesaw State University
1997-1999 Hugh Haynsworth College of Charleston
1999-2001 Robert Fray Furman University
2001-2003 Ray Collings Georgia Perimeter College-Clarkson
2003-2005 Stephen Davis Davidson College
2005-2007 Charlotte Knotts-Zides Wofford College
2007-2009 Martha Abell Georgia Southern University
2009-2011 Bruce Atkinson Samford University
2011-2013 Jeff Knisley East Tennessee State University
2013-2014 Queen Harris Georgia Perimeter College
2014-2017 Patricia Humphrey Georgia Southern University
2017- Jeff Clark Elon University

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