Meritorious Service Award

The Board of Governors of the Mathematical Association of America instituted the award of a Certificate of Meritorious Service at its meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, in January, 1984. This certificate will be awarded once every five years in each section to a member of the section who has made significant contributions to the Association at the national and/or the section level. The nomination for this award is proposed by the section and approved by the Board of Governors and is awarded at a national meeting of the Association.

This certificate is to be awarded every five years at a national meeting to a member of the Southeastern Section, beginning in 1984.

Year Name School
1984 John D. Neff Georgia Institute of Technology
1990 Ivey C. Gentry Wake Forest University
1994 Billy Bryant Vanderbilt University
1999 Marcellus Waddill Wake Forest University
2004 John Kenelly Clemson University
2009 David Stone Georgia Southern
2014 Tina Straley Kennesaw State University