MAA Southeastern Section 2018 Spring Meeting

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Short Courses and Workshops

There is a workshop available at no additional change.

A New Extension of the Riemann Integral: From a Simpler Calculus to Analysis-Level Neat Stuff!, Organizer, Bryan Dawson (Union University) 

This hands-on workshop will include ample opportunity to perform calculus- and analysis-level calculations with the “omega integral,” as well as some discovery learning and proof writing. The omega integral, which is introduced in a forthcoming article in the American Mathematical Monthly by the presenter and utilizes the hyperreal numbers, is based on “omega sums,” which are much simpler for calculus students to work with than the traditional Riemann sums. The omega integral also extends the Riemann integral in a somewhat different manner than either the Lebesgue integral or other nonstandard integrals. These facts and more, including a fun pathological example, will be explored in the workshop. This workshop is appropriate for both students and faculty.

Graduate Student Career Development Workshop, Organizer, Sarah Ann Fleming, (Belmont University) Friday, March 23 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Are you unsure how to proceed after graduation? Do you have questions about teaching? Would you like to expand your network of contacts? This workshop is designed for graduate students at both the Masters and PhD level. Topics include the job search, different types of jobs available, job application materials, interviewing, and negotiating. The workshop will also include a discussion on teaching and offer networking opportunities with those recently and not-so-recently out of graduate school. A limited number of travel grants are available. Visit for more information. There is no cost to attend the workshop.

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