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Short Courses/Workshops


 There are two workshops available at no additional change, but for which participants must pre-register.


  • Speed Interviewing Marathon for Students, Jenna Carpenter (Campbell University)

    Employers suggest that communication skills are a critical component when considering a mathematics major for a job. An important time to demonstrate good communication skills is during the job interview. This session for undergraduate students and graduate students will start with an overview of best practices and tips on job interviewing, then guide participants in several speed interviewing sessions of 10 minutes each, where they can practice what they have learned and hone their interviewing skills. Speed interviewing sessions will include individual feedback for participants, as well as opportunities to network with fellow interviewees.

  • Workshop for the Directors of Mathematics Tournaments, Chuck Garner (Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology), Mo Hendon (University of Georgia), and Chasen Smith, (Georgia Southern University).

    We estimate that there are over 40 math tournaments for high school students at colleges and universities each academic year in our section. There is virtually no coordination or collaboration between the tournament organizers and directors, and very little collaboration with local teacher organizations, such as NCTM Affiliate groups (like the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics which oversees Georgia's State Math Championship). This workshop is offered as a step toward collaboration by sharing what works with your tournament and to ask colleagues for help with what doesn't. We also propose a more coordinated effort to voluntarily introduce targeted mathematical topics at tournaments, and to establish a more firm line of communication with regional and state-level teacher organizations. Although we will facilitate the discussion towards math tournaments for high school students, directors of tournaments for other student populations are encouraged to join in.

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