PNW Project NExT Schedule

Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA


Thursday, June 19, 2003

The meeting will take place in Olin 224.



         8:00am Coffee Social

         8:30 Greeting and Introduction of New Fellows

         8:40 - 9:25 Session 1: Tenure Concerns

         9:30 - 10:15 Session 2: Classroom Conundrums

         10:20 - 10:50 Session 3: What should students learn in Calculus?

         10:50 - 11:10 Break

         11:10 - 11:55 Session 4: Math Modeling

         12:00 - 12:30 Session 5: Family Issues

         12:30 - 2:00 Lunch and Discussion Topic 6: What's NExT? Smokey Blues Pizza

         6:00 Dinner - Mill Creek Brew Pub

         7:30 Reception


For directions to Olin hall please see the campus - map building #7.

Details on the sessions appear below; more information will be posted as it becomes available.

Session 1

Panel Discussion: Tenure Concerns

Organizers: Stuart Boersma and Jon Fassett (Central Washington University)

Panelists: Tom Read (Western Washington University), Bryan Smith (University of Puget Sound),

Stuart Boersma (Central Washington University)

Abstract: For "new" faculty members, the looming decision regarding tenure can be a daunting one filled with uncertainties and vagaries. For "not-so-new" faculty members, the task of evaluating and mentoring our more recent colleagues in an ever-changing academic climate can also be quite challenging. Our panel members will offer advice on preparing a tenure dossier and managing time to allow for productivity in the three areas of scholarship, teaching, and service. Also to be discussed will be effective ways to document one's success in these three areas.

Session 2

Panel Discussion: Classroom Conundrums: Strategies for Difficult Teaching Situations

Organizers: Andria Villines (Bellevue Community College), Shannon Overbay (Gonzaga University)

Panelists: Jim Whittaker (Blue Mountain Community College), Tom McKenzie (Gonzaga University), Elena Toneva (Eastern Washington University), Bharath Sriraman (University of Montana)

Abstract: A chance for faculty to swap stories and solutions for some of those classroom challenges that wear us down and contribute to burn-out. A panel of experienced instructors will share their stories and insights and participants will work on faculty-generated case studies of common teaching dilemmas with the goal of sharing best practice ideas. Bring examples of difficult situations you've faced with students, either on a one-time basis or over a period of time.

Session 3

Discussion: What should students learn in Calculus?

Organizers: Kanchan Mathur (Portland Community College) and Brian Blitz (University of Alaska Southeast)

Panelists: Larry Curnutt (Bellevue Community College), Michael Boardman (Pacific University),

Ann Sitomer (Portland Community College)

Abstract: This discussion will include appropriate uses of technology, projects, groupwork and assessment. We will also discuss how much mathematical rigor (in particular proofs) should be included in Calculus. Finally, we will consider how these ideas may affect the curriculum.

Session 4

Presentation: Math Modeling

Presenters: Kelly Cline, Mark Parker, Holly Zullo (Carroll College)

Abstract: The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) is an international competition sponsored by COMAP and the NSA in conjunction with SIAM, INFORMS, and the MAA in which teams of three undergraduates work on an applied, open-ended problem over the course of 96 hours, and write a report describing their efforts. We will discuss the contest and how it is judged, what students get out of this contest, what things you can do to help prepare your teams, how you can support your teams throughout the contest weekend, and what you as a faculty member get out of this contest both personally and professionally.

Session 5

Panel Discussion: Family Issues

Organizers: Maria Fung (Western Oregon University), Chris Black (Seattle University)

Panelists: Marj Enneking (Portland State University), Mark Parker (Carroll College), Michael Ward (Western Oregon University), Holly Zullo (Carroll College)

Abstract: The problem of balancing career and family is especially pertinent to young mathematicians. Panelists will discuss issues related to: getting time/focus to do enough research/scholarly activity to get tenure and beyond; pulling one's own weight in regards to departmental service/university service (committees, etc.); child-care & schooling (different spring breaks, holidays, half-days, etc.) and financial situations.

Session 6

Discussion: What's NExT?

Moderator: Jenny McNulty (The University of Montana)

Abstract: This final session is intended to help us look back over the morning activities and decide on future directions and planning for subsequent meetings. We will also talk about NExT plans for Alaska in 2004.