Autumn 2003
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New NExT Fellows in the Section

New National NExT Fellows

This past summer, two new faculty from the Pacific Northwest Section were selected as fellows in the national Project NExT program, bringing the total number of national NExT fellows from our section to 27. This year’s new fellows were Barry Balof of Whitman College and Elizabeth Stanhope of Willamette University.

Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a national professional development program for new college-level faculty interested in improving the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics. Details about Project NExT can be found in an article that appeared in the February, 1999 AMS Notices and on the NExT web site at

Pacific Northwest Section NExT

The Pacific Northwest Project NExT is an extension of the national program to the section level. PNW NExT Fellows meet once a year at our annual section meeting to discuss topics related to teaching as well as other issues of importance to beginning faculty. Sessions at this year’s meeting in Walla Walla included “Tenure Concerns”, “Classroom Conundrums”, “What Should Students Learn in Calculus?”, “Math Modeling”, and “Family Issues”. Fellows also attended a minicourse and several social events. After the meeting, PNW NExT Fellows and Consultants are linked together throughout the year by an electronic network on which discussions can continue.

At last summer’s PNW section meeting in Walla Walla, three new fellows joined the PNW NExT program, bringing the total number of fellows in the program to 15. This year’s new fellows are Kelly Cline (Carroll College), Julie Fredericks (Linfield College), and Cora Neal (University of Alaska Anchorage).

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