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Section Logo Contest

A winning design in the contest to create an official logo for the Pacific Northwest Section of the MAA has not yet been selected, but several designs have now been received. The deadline to submit a design to Brian Gill (bgill@spu.edu) has been extended to May 1, 2003. The winning design will be announced at the section meeting at Whitman College.

The logo will be used both online and as a part of printed documents such as the section newsletter. As a prize, the designer of the winning logo will be given two books published by the MAA. The winner also receives official bragging rights for years to come as the logo continues to appear in section materials. 

The following are some guidelines for logo designs:

  • The logo should have some mathematical content. When the logo is submitted, it should be accompanied by a description of its mathematical significance and a brief description of how it was created.

  • While it is not absolutely essential, including some theme which is distinctive to the Pacific Northwest would be considered a strong plus.

  • You are permitted to incorporate the national MAA logo (the icosahedron) into your logo design. A copy of the national logo as a GIF file is available here.

  • Use of color is permitted (and encouraged). However, the logo should also look good when printed in grayscale since it is not always possible to use color in printed documents. It is also desirable for it to be possible to photocopy the logo.

  • Some examples of MAA logos found online are shown below.


Iowa Section

National MAA Logo


Logo used for Spring 2001
Pacific Northwest section meeting

New Jersey Section


Indiana Section


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