MAA Section Visitor Lectures

for the Oklahoma-Arkansas Section

Section Visitors Program

6729 March 2019Mathematics to DIE For: The Battle Between CountingJennifer Quinn (University of Washington - Tacoma)
6614 April 2018Solving Problems: MAA American Mathematics Competitions and Evolving Views of Mathematics EducationMichael Pearson (MAA Executive Director)
652 April 2016Actuarial Careers: What, Where, Who, How, and Why?Jim Daniel (MAA Treasurer)
6411 April 2015Polyhedral Symmetry in the Plane?Frank Farris (Santa Clara University)
6311 April 2014Moebius MadnessIvars Peterson (MAA)
626 April 2013Wild Things are FractalsGerard Venema (Calvin College)
6130 March 2012Everyday Questions, Not-So-Everyday MathematicsRick Gillman (Chair of MAA Committee on Sections)
601 April 2011Mathematics and Architecture in the Baroque EraBarbara Faires (Secretary of the MAA)
5926 March 2010Issues of the Transition to College MathematicsDavid Bressoud (MAA President, Macalester College)
5828 March 2008Breaking Driver’s License CodesJoseph Gallian (MAA President, University of Minnesota - Duluth)
5730 March 2007Easy Problems, Hard Problems: The MAA American Mathematics CompetitionsSteven Dunbar (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)
561 April 2006Gian-Carlo Rota (1932-1999)Darryl McCollough (University of Oklahoma)
5531 March 2006Connections between Mathematics and BiologyCarl Cowen (MAA President, Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis)
548 April 2005Through the Lurking GraphsLowell Beineke (Indiana University-Purdue University)
5326 March 2004Planar Linkages: Robot Arms, Carpenters’ Rulers, and Other DevicesNancy Hagelgans (Ursinus College)
5229 March 2003Why Teach Mathematics?Underwood Dudley (DePauw University)
505 April 2002Fallacies in Elementary StatisticsAnn Watkins (MAA President)
4930 March 2001The MAA and College Mathematics: Where Will We Be in 2010?Tina Straley (Executive Director, MAA)
4831 March 2000Math Mag MorselsPaul Zor (St. Olaf College)
4726 March 1999Overlooked Topics in CalculusBart Braden (Northern Kentucky University)
4627 March 1998MAA 2000Marcia Sward (Executive Director, MAA)
454 April 1997Mathematics Education and TechnologyWade Ellis (2nd Vice-president, MAA)
4422 March 1996Bringing Up BabyDonald Albers (Associate Executive Director and Director of Publications and Programs, MAA)
4331 March 1995The Fibonacci Decimal and Other Adventures in the Algebra of Linear Difference EquationsAndy R. Magid (University of Oklahoma)
4226 March 1994Whose Mother Is It? The Search for a Mathematical Theory of Everyday CommunicationKeith Devlin (Saint Mary’s College of California)
4126 March 1993Moving to the Meta-LevelMarcia Sward (Executive Director, MAA)
403 April 1992Recursion via Godel, Escher, & BachBarbara Faires (Westminster College)
395 April 1991Meeting the Challenge in Mathematics EducationMartha J. Siegel (Towson State University)
3830 March 1990Using Technology to Revitalize MathematicsJohn W. Kenelly (Clemson University)
3731 March 1989Mathematics of Fair RepresentationAlan Tucker (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
3615 April 1988The History of the MAAIvan Niven (University of Oregon)
3527 March 1987Calculus of the FutureLida Barrett (Northern Illinois University)
344 April 1986Mathematics in the KitchenJerome A. Goldstein (Tulane)
3329 March 1985Some Functions That CountGerald L. Alexanderso (University of Santa Clara)
3230 March 1984Another Approach to Riemann-Stieltjes IntegralsKenneth Ross (MAA Secretary, University of Oregon)
3118 March 1983Report on the National Science Board Commission and Precollege Education in MathematicsKatherine Layton (National Science Board Commission on Precollege Mathematics, Science, and Technology)
3026 March 1982The Isoperimetric TheoremIvan Niven (University of Oregon)
2927 March 1981Optimal Strategies in SportsLeonard Gillman (University of Texas at Austin)
2828 March 1980Algorithmically Defined FunctionsR. D. Anderson (Louisiana State University)
2730 March 1979What is Your Geometric I.Q.?Philip Davis (Brown University)
2631 March 1978Algebraic Number TheoryDavid Roselle (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and MAA Secretary)
251 April 1977Prime Generating Functions and CongruenciesH. L. Alder (University of California at Davis)
2426 March 1976The Graph of a Group as Seen by a NonexpertJ. W. Keesee (University of Arkansas at Fayetteville)
234 April 1975On the Nature of Mathematics Work in IndustryHenry O. Pollak (Bell Laboratories)
225 April 1974How to Make and Break CodesDorothy Bernstein (Goucher College
216 April 1973Signs of Derivatives and Analytic BehaviorRalph P. Boas (Northwestern University)
2010 March 1972Convex Polytopes and Linear ProgrammingProfessor Victor Klee (University of Washington)
1912 March 1971Numerical Methods of Solving Elliptic Partial Differential EquationsIvo Babuska (Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Mechanics, University of Maryland and Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Science, Prague)
1820 March 1970Topological Methods in AnalysisGail S. Young (Tulane University)
1720 March 1970Professor R. L. Moore - The TeacherO. H. Hamilton (Oklahoma State University)
16†22 March 1969Formulation of Problems of the Calculus of Variations, the Choice of Admissible Functions and of MethodsG. M. Ewing (University of Oklahoma)
Oscillation Theorems for Third Order Differential EquationsR. W. Utz, Jr. (University of Missouri)
The Differential Equations of Stochastic Control TheoryE. J. McShane (University of Virginia)
Generalized Polar Coordinate Transformations for Differential EquationsW. T. Reid (University of Oklahoma)
1522 March 1969Geometric Transformations and their Role in Secondary and College MathematicsProfessor Seymour Schuster (Carleton College)
1429 March 1968Qualifications for a College Faculty in MathematicsRichard Anderson (Louisiana State University)
1329 March 1968Manpower Questions in the Mathematical SciencesJohn Jewett (Oklahoma State University)
121 April 1966The CUPM Recommendations on College Mathematics OfferingsG. Baley Price (University of Kansas)
1110 April 1964Quadric Surfaces Associated with a TetrahedronNathan A. Court (University of Oklahoma)
1010 April 1964HomogeneityR. H. Bing (President of the MAA)
915 March 1963An Applied Mathematician Among the AtomsG. M. Wing (Sandia Corporation)
828 October 1960General Aims and Purposes of the CUPM Recommendations for Teacher Training in MathematicsRobert Wisner (Executive Director, Committee on the Undergraduate Program of the MAA)
725 October 1957Method and Modus OperandiGertrude Hendrix (University of Illinois)
626 October 1956Teacher Education and the College Entrance Examination Board Commission on Mathematics and Modernizing the Secondary School Mathematics CurriculumHenry Van Engen (Iowa State Teachers College)
513 February 1954On New Methods in Differential Equations with Applications to the Structural Analysis of AirplanesStefan Bergmann (Brown University)
410 February 1939The Place of Mathematics in General EducationRaleigh Schorling (University of Michigan)
37 February 1936Problems or PersonalitiesE. J. Ortman (School of Education, University of Oklahoma)
27 February 1936Some Glimpses into the History of MathematicsProfessor U. G. Mitchell (University of Kansas)
17 February 1936Some Considerations Relating to Irrational NumbersU. G. Mitchell (University of Kansas)

† The administration of Arkansas State University supported Seminar Differential Equations and Variational Theory during the 16th meeting.

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