OK-AR MAA Faculty Workshops

2020 TBA Dominic Klyve (Central Washington University)
2019 Developing a Culture of Mathematical Growth Mindset to Increase Students’ Engagement, Perseverance, and Success Martha Parrott (Northeastern State University)
2018 The Mathematics of Gerrymandering John Watson (Arkansas Tech University)
2017 Math Pathways: A Focus on StatisticsLinus Yu (University of Arkansas–Fort Smith)
Rachel Bates (Redlands Community College)
Loretta Griffy (Austin Peay State University)
2016 Math Pathways Projects in Arkansas and Oklahoma Charles Watson (University of Central Arkansas)
Michael Oehrtman (Oklahoma State University)
Amy Getz (Charles Dana Center at University of Texas at Austin)
2015 CLEAR Calculus: Coherent Labs to Enhance Accessible and Rigorous Calculus Michael Oehrtman (Oklahoma State University)
Jason Martin (University of Central Arkansas)
2014 Writing Mathematics Well Ivars Peterson (MAA)
2013 An Inquiry-Based Curriculum for Differential Equations Chris Rasmussen (San Diego State University)
2012 Teaching with Smart Board Technology David Gardner (Henderson State University)
2011 Inquiry-Based Learning: Math & Beyond Michael Starbird (University of Texas)
2010 Quantitative Reasoning for College Students: Habits & Hurdles Shannon Dingman (University of Arkansas)
Bernard Madison (University of Arkansas)
2009 Building a Healthy Undergraduate Mathematics Program Laura Person (Potsdam University)
2008 Encouraging Undergraduate Research Joe Gallian (University of Minnesota, Duluth)
2007 Confessions of a Data Nerd: Issues in Sharing Statistics with Undergraduates Julie Sawyer (Northeastern State University)
2006 Assessment & Quantitative Literacy: Double Trouble Bernard Madison (University of Arkansas)
2005 How to Turn Math Duds into Math Studs Mickel Duggan (East Central University)
Linda Braddy (East Central University)
2004 The History of Mathematics & Its Use in Teaching V. Frederick Rickey (United States Military Academy)
2003 Mathematics for Business Decisions Richard Thompson (University of Arizona)
2001 Successful Grant Writing Jeff Knisely (East Tennesee State University)

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