RB Deal Undergraduate Oral Presentation Awards

YearFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
2019Kelsi Guliserian (Oklahoma Baptist University)Armand Ghosh (University of Oklahoma)Zachary King (University of Central Oklahoma)
2018Lawrence Dongilli (University of Central Oklahoma)Kelley France (University of Central Oklahoma)Hailey Lawrenson (Harding University)
2017Nicholas Nelsen (Oklahoma State University)Beth Rawlins (University of Central Oklahoma)Robert Moore (Harding University)
2016Daniel Brumley (University of Central Oklahoma)Tanya Plascencia (University of Central Oklahoma)Lance Ford (University of Central Oklahoma)
2015Kyle Reeves (East Central University)Lance Ford and Brittany Myers (University of Central Oklahoma)Austin Himschoot (Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts)
2014Frederick McCollum (University of Arkansas-Fayetteville)Tyler Gorshing (Southwestern Oklahoma State University)Matt Lukac (University of Arkansas-Fayetteville)
2013Jeremy Acre (Southern Nazarene University)Stephen B. Gregg & Juan Orozco (University of Central Oklahoma)Samantha Driskill (Southwestern Oklahoma State University)
2011Xander Rudelis (University of Central Oklahoma)Karl SchaettleJohnny Stitts
2010Xander Rudelis (University of Central Oklahoma)Taylor Israel (Oklahoma Wesleyan University)Devin Smith (University of Central Oklahoma)
2008Curtis McCully (Southern Nazarene University)Ted Swang (University of Oklahoma)Joe Mitchell (University of Oklahoma)
2007Cherith Tucker (Southern Nazaarene University)Garth Nelson (University of Arkansas-Fort Smith)Lindsey Hettich (Oklahoma Wesleyan University)

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