Charles Napoleon Moore

C.N. Moore was a native Cincinnatian and a graduate of Woodward High School, the alma mater of E.H. Moore one of the founders of modern mathematical analysis. He studied at the University of Paris and received his Harvard Ph.D. in 1908 for a dissertation on convergence factors for infinite series, written under the supervision of Maxime Bôcher. George David Birkhoff called him "the foremost American authority on the subject." He spent the year 1934-35 at the new Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey where he wrote a draft of his book on convergence factors. Moore served as vice president of both the American Mathematical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He attended the First Annual Meeting of the MAA Ohio Section in 1916 and served as Section Chairman in 1918-19. He was associate editor of the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society and was awarded an honorary D.Sc. degree by George Washington University.

Book by C.N. Moore

Summable Series and Convergence Factors, Colloquium Publications, Vol. 22, American Mathematical Society, Providence, 1938

Article by Charles Groetsch
University of Cincinnati