Ohio Masters of Mathematics Bicentennial Project

Call for Papers

This collection of biographical sketches is being developed as part of Ohiošs Bicentennial celebration. The project is sponsored by the Ohio Section and has been endorsed by the Science & Technology Council of The Ohio Bicentennial Commission. It is designed to foster public understanding, education, and appreciation of mathematics as a human endeavor and Ohiošs contributions to that enterprise.

The biographies on this web site should be no more than 2 pages in length, along with a 3- or 4-line summary for the main page. See draft page for examples.

If you know of a more extensive web site that features your mathematician, you may want to include a link to that site. Alternatively, if you know of a web page for someone appropriate that we should point to, please let us know that too.

Please contact David Kullman (kullmade@muohio.edu) or Thomas Hern (hern@wcnet.org) about the site or the guidelines.