The Ohio MAA will hold its Fall Workshop on Friday, July 31, from 1:30 to 3:00 online.  This workshop is usually held during the Fall Meeting, which is October 23.  Since the topic of the workshop is about teaching mathematics online, we wanted to have this workshop before classes would start.
Dr. Claire Stuve from the University of Toledo will be the speaker.  Claire developed an online version of the Trigonometry course at Toledo that won the international award: Blackboard Catalyst Award for Inclusive Education that honors those whose methods have ensured their pedagogy, content, technology, and educational services are fully inclusive and supportive of all learners with disabilities.
She will present on the following topics:

- Best practices for teaching mathematics 100% asynchronously, but what changes to make if there’s also a synchronous component

- Keeping students engaged in synchronous teaching and also in the asynchronous portions

- Online assessments and avoiding cheating
The workshop is free. You can register for this workshop at the following link

If you have any questions, please email Jim Anderson, Chair of the Committee on Section Activities, at