The 2006 Ohio Section Teaching Award

It is my pleasure to present to you the 2006 Ohio Section Teaching Award winner,

Professor Thomas E. Price from the University of Akron.

Tom Price

Tom has taught mathematics for well over thirty years and to hundreds of students along the way.  He's taught well over two dozen different mathematics courses and he's taught courses at levels from developmental mathematics to graduate mathematics.  It is absolutely clear that Tom has brought his expertise in and enthusiasm for mathematics to all his courses, to all his students, at all these levels, and over all these years.

Tom's colleagues share that they have learned much from him, as Tom has always been willing to share his teaching insights, ideas, techniques, notes, and student projects.  Tom's students witness his outstanding teaching in and beyond the classroom, his very caring demeanor, and his strong encouragement to them to keep moving ahead with their studies of mathematics.

Tom has been a true pioneer in using computing and technology in the teaching of mathematics, and he's done so very successfully in a variety of different courses and formats.  At the same time, he's kept his love for theoretical mathematics, for example, by teaching Topics in Topology using a Moore Method style approach.

Tom has been previously honored as an outstanding teacher.  He is a recipient of the Buchtel College of Arts and Science Outstanding Teaching Award, the University of Akron Outstanding Teaching Award, and the Northeast Ohio Council of Higher Education Award for Teaching Excellence.

We are delighted to present him this evening with the Ohio Section's 2006 Teaching Award - we hope there's still room in the trophy case.