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Past Mini-Courses and Short Courses


Date Topic Host Institution
April 27, 1991 Using History in Teaching Calculus
by Frederick Rickey
Bentley College
April 11, 1992 Challenging Students with Research Projects in Calculus
by David Pengelley
and Edward Gaughan
Western New England College
April 24, 1993 Great Theorems from Mathematical Analysis: 1689-1881
by William Dunham
Boston College
April 9, 1994 Teaching the Introductory Statistics Course
by Robin Locke and Rick Cleary
The College of the Holy Cross
April 29, 1995 An Introduction to Research in the Teaching and Learning of Under-graduate Mathematics - Examples in Calculus
by Joan Ferrini-Mundy
and Karen Graham
Simmons College
April 20, 1996 Unifying Themes in Discrete Mathematics
by Ralph Grimaldi
Babson College
May 3, 1997 Using the TI-92 in Teaching Precalculus and Calculus
by Mary Ann Connors
Providence College
May 2, 1998 Epidemiology Modeling
by Herb Hethcote
Regis College
June 3, 2004 Creative Problem Solving
by Mikhail Chkhenkeli
Roger Williams University
April 22, 2006 Catalan Numbers and Their Applications
by Thomas Koshy
Framingham State College

Short Courses

Date Topic Host Institution
June 18-22, 1979 Applications of Mathematics in Medicine and Biology
by Maynard Thompson
University of Maine
June 23-27, 1980 Applications of Mathematics to Economics and the Managerial Sciences by William F. Lucas University of Maine
June 8-12, 1981 Uses of Computers in Teaching Mathematics
by Stephen L. Snover
New England College
June 15-19, 1981 Combinatorial Problem Solving
by Alan C. Tucker
University of Maine
June 14-18, 1982 Workshop for a Case Study Course in Applied Mathematics
by Jeanne Agnew and Marvin Keener
University of Maine
June 13-17, 1983 Computational Complexity
by Herbert Wilf
University of Maine
June 11-15, 1984 Optimization: Some Combinatorial and Geometric Aspects
by Victor Klee
University of Maine
June 10-14, 1985 The Total Role of the Mathematician: Researcher, Consultant, Teacher, Curriculum Developer, Damn Nuisance
by Henry O. Pollak
University of Maine
June 9-13, 1986 A New Unified Approach to Linear Algebra
by Alan C. Tucker
University of Maine
June 15-19, 1987 Applications of Discrete Mathematics
by Fred S. Roberts
University of Maine
June 13-17, 1988 A Mathematical Modeling Workshop
by Frank R. Giordano and Maurice D. Weir
University of Maine
June 19-23, 1989 Chaos and Dynamical Systems
by Robert L. Devaney
University of Maine
June 26-29, 1990 Outline for Teaching Differential Equations with Modeling and a Computer Algebra System
by Frank R. Giordano and Maurice D. Weir
University of Maine
June 15-19, 1992 Exploratory Data Analysis
by Rickey Kolb
University of Maine
June 13-18, 1993 Calculus Reform Workshop
by Steve Hilbert, Stan Seltzer, John Miceli and Diane Schwartz
University of Maine
June 18-23, 1995 The St. Olaf College Calculus Reform Workshop
by Arnold Ostebee and Paul Zorn
University of Maine
June 16-21, 1996 Project CALC
by David A. Smith and Lawrence C. Moore
University of Maine
June 15-19, 1997 Dynamical Systems Across the Curriculum
by Robert Devaney
Salve Regina University
June 25-30, 2000 In Search of Newton – A Combined Calculus and Physics Curriculum
by Kelly Black
University of New Hampshire
June 17-20, 2001 Interdisciplinary Lively Application Projects
by Kathleen Snook, Gideon Weinstein and Chris Arney
Western New England College
June 23-27, 2002 Integrating the Web Into Math Instruction
by Cathy Frey, Gerard LaVarnway, and Robert Poodiack
Plymouth State College
June 16-18, 2003 Hands-on Statistics for Teachers
by Rick Cleary and Robin Locke
St. Michael’s College

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