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Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching

As established by the MAA Board of Governors, the Northeastern Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching is made to a teacher of mathematics at the post-secondary level who has been widely recognized as extraordinarily successful. His/her teaching effectiveness must be documented and must have had influence beyond their own classroom. Recipients must be members of the MAA and be teaching in the Northeastern Section. Recipients of this award are automatically nominated for the Haimo Award, the national MAA award for distinguished teaching.

The recipient is normally announced at the Spring Meeting and is invited to speak at the Fall Meeting.

The usual deadline for nominations is January 15th for that year's award.

Please send any questions to Eric Ruggieri, the NES/MAA Chair by email at

Previous Award Winners

1992 Frank Morgan*
Williams College
1993 Thomas Moore
Bridgewater State College
1994 Robert Devaney* Boston University
1995 Thomas Banchoff*
Brown University
1996 Colin Adams*
Williams College
1997 James J. Tattersall
Providence College
1998 Robert Case*
Northeastern University
1999 Charles Vinsonhaler
University of Connecticut
2000 Edward B. Burger*
Williams College
2001 Paul Blanchard Boston University
2002 Laura Kelleher
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
2003 Emma Previato
Boston University
2004 P. Joseph McKenna University of Connecticut
2005 David Abrahamson
Rhode Island College
2006 Gilbert Strang*
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2007 Kenneth Gross* University of Vermont
2008 David Carhart Bentley College
Solomon Friedberg
Boston College
Susan Loepp*
Williams College
Joseph Silverman
Brown University
Margaret Robinson*
Mount Holyoke College
Satyan Devadoss
Williams College
Donna Beers
Simmons College
George Ashline
St. Michael's College
Reva Kasman
Salem State University
Mihai Stoiciu
Williams College
jenn berg
Fitchburg State University
Pamela Harris
Williams College
Adriana Salerno
Bates College
* indicates the recipient also won the Haimo Award.

Howard Eves Award

This award, which was first given in 1990, is given at the annual Fall Meeting of the Northeastern Section in calendar years which are divisible by five.

The guidelines for selecting the recipient are:

  1. The recipient should reflect those characteristics of Howard Eves that placed him at a level of high esteem by the entire mathematical community. In particular, he was a spellbinding and entertaining lecturer, an enthusiastic and caring teacher and administrator, an outstanding mathematician geometer, and a respected historian of mathematics. He was a person with a great sense of humor who went out of his way to pass on his skills and knowledge to his students and colleagues. The recipient should exhibit several if not all of these Evesean characteristics.

  2. Howard Eves was instrumental in founding, organizing, promoting, and providing the necessary leadership for the Northeastern Section in its early existence. The recipient should be recognized by his or her outstanding contributions to the Section. The majority of these contributions should have been accomplished at least ten years prior to the awards ceremony.

  3. Past recipients of this award and past recipients of the MAA Certificate for Meritorious Service are ineligible, as are members of the Selection Committee.

The selection committee is appointed by the Section Chair subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

Previous Award Winners

1990 Howard Eves
University of Maine
1995 Clayton Dodge
University of Maine
2000 James E. Ward Bowdoin College
2005 Karen J. Schroeder
Bentley College
Richard Cleary
Bentley University
C. Edward Sandifer
Western Connecticut State University
Ockle Johnson
Keene State University

National MAA Certificate for Meritorious Service

Every five years each section of the MAA may make a nomination for the National MAA Certificate for Meritorious Service Award in recognition of outstanding service at the sectional or national level. More details for the award can be found at the MAA's website.

Previous Award Winners

1987 Donald Small
Colby College
1992 James J. Tattersall
Providence College
1997 Frank P. Battles
Laura L. Kelleher
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
2002 Dennis Luciano
Western New England College
Donna Beers
Simmons College
Frank Ford
Providence College
Jason Molitierno
Sacred Heart University
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