MAA-NCS Team Competition

The twenty-third annual team contest is scheduled for Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 9 am to noon.

Teams of up to three undergraduate students work collaboratively at their home campuses on the ten problems, under the supervision of local faculty members. You are allowed to enter as many teams as you wish. Keep in mind that many students who might score zero on the Putnam can profitably participate in the NCS Team Contest, having fun and using their knowledge at the same time.

The Contest will consist of ten problems, which will be graded on the basis of ten points per problem. The problems typically range in difficulty from moderatetly easy to Putnam level. For copies of the problems and solutions from prior years, and related information, see the NCS/MAA website.

An announcement and call for registrations will be sent to one or more mathematics department members of all colleges and universities in the NCS in late September. Meanwhile, inquiries may be addressed to Professor Jerry Heuer,

Report on the Twenty-second Annual NCS/MAA Team Contest (2018)

The twenty-second annual NCS/MAA Team Competition was held on Saturday, November 10, 2018. There were 60 teams from 23 universities and colleges entered. Scores ranged from 0 to 100, with a median of 30. In first place was the team “Mathematics for the Liberal Arts Student” from University of Minnesota Twin Cities, with a score of 100. In second place was the team St. Olaf Jr. from St. Olaf College, with a score of 94. In third place was the team “Perfect Powers” from UMN TC with a score of 92. In a stunning show of force, the other two UMN TC teams were tied for fourth place at 90. The problems and a set of solutions are posted elsewhere on the NCS website, as are the names of the team member placing in the top third.

Each university or college in the North Central Section of the MAA is invited to enter as many teams of up to three undergraduate students each as desired. The expenses of the contest are covered by an entry fee of $15 per team. An announcement and invitation to register will be sent by email in late September.

For further information, please contact Jerry Heuer:

Dr. Gerald A. Heuer

Professor Emeritus and Mathematician in Residence

Concordia College

Moorhead, MN 56562

2018 Team Competition Solutions and Results

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For more information contact Professor Jerry Heuer.

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