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Designed for new college and university faculty in the mathematical sciences, Section NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a professional development program that addresses the full range of faculty responsibilities including teaching, scholarly activities, and service.

Our Goals

The goals for the North Central Section NExT are:

Fall Meeting Activities

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at University of Minnesota-Morris

Turning Routine Exercises into Activities that Teach Mathematical Inquiry

Su Dorée (Augsburg College)

Abstract: Asking questions, checking examples, making conjectures, and constructing counterexamples are part of any mathematician's toolkit and important skills for our students to learn. The MAA CUPM curriculum guide agrees, calling us to ``include activities designed to promote student's progress in learning to . . . assess the correctness of solutions, create and explore examples, carry out mathematical experiments, and devise and test conjectures'' with the goal that ``students should develop mathematical independence and experience open-ended inquiry.'' How do we help students develop inquiry skills and ignite their curiosity about mathematics? In this professional development workshop we explore some practical strategies you can use to transform routine textbook exercises emphasizing procedural fluency and basic conceptual understanding into activities that teach inquiry. Come ready to try your hand at creating inquiry-based activities.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at University of Minnesota-Morris

Color Me Combinatorial: Beauty from Statistical Mechanics

Kaisa Taipale (University of Minnesota)

Abstract: It’s easy for students to think that math is dead — nothing new since Euler, right? Totally symmetric self-complementary plane partitions (TSSCPPs), fully packed loop (FPLs), and domino tilings of Aztec diamonds say otherwise. These mathematical objects come up at the intersection of probability, combinatorics, algebra — and coloring! These very visual and frankly fascinating objects draw in mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike. In this talk, I want to tell a story of modern math research that brings together beauty, computers, and a number of Midwestern mathematicians. Come for the colors, stay for the math!

For information on the location of the talk, please see 2017 Fall Meeting


Join Us!

Each year, applications will be solicited for new MAA-NCS Section NExT fellows to serve for a two year term. We will accept applications from faculty who are within the first four years of beginning full-time employment with teaching responsibilities at the college or university level. The application consists of a short personal statement and a letter of support from the department chair, guaranteeing financial support for transportation, meals, and lodging at the fall and spring meetings of the North Central Section.

Section NExT fellows are expected to attend the meetings of the North Central Section of the MAA. There will be special activities for the Section NExT fellows. The Section pay for a meal with other current fellows and cover the registration fee. Fellows are expected to have travel, lodging, and other meals paid for by their own institution.

National NExT fellows within the North Central Section in their first fours years of teaching are automatically Section NExT fellows and are encouraged to participate in Section NExT activities!

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Please address questions to either of the organizers of the North Central Section NExT Program.

Su Doree
Professor of Mathematics
Augsburg College

Jody Sorensen
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Augsburg College

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