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North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Officers’ Meeting Minutes, April 26, 2008

College of St. Benedict, Collegeville, MN


            President Tom Sibley, Governor Jennifer Galovich, Treasurer Randy Westhoff, Secretary Co Livingston, Information Officer Shawn Chiappetta,

            Student Chapters Officer Richard Jarvinen, Past-President Steve Kennedy, President-Elect Su Doree.


            At-large members Kris Nairn, Ryan Zerr

  1. Rearranged the schedule for the day due to four snowstorm related cancellations from speakers.

  2. Governor’s Report (Jennifer Galovich) – She’ll show the MAA clip during the regular business meeting.

  3. Secretary’s Report (Co Livingston)
    1. Dot Survey – from the MAA, will take place during morning break.
    2. Will request abstracts 2 weeks before the meeting to give more time to the secretary and information officer to deal with problems.
    3. Discussed mailing a hard copy of the newsletter during fall of the summer seminar years.  We will do this in Fall 2008.  Information will be needed in mid-September so Shawn can organize and send to Co for mailing.
  4. Treasurer’s Report (Randy Westhoff)  Discussed financial report.  27 institutional memberships.

  5. President (Tom Sibley)

  6. Information officer (Shawn Chiappetta) – Described improvements to the website.  Wants to post the award citations quickly so please give those to him.  Invited speakers’ biographies on the front page and deleted expired information. Committee members for the Teaching and Meritorious Service Awards are on the website.

  7. Student Chapters (Dick Jarvinen) - Mentorship Proposal:  Description of MentorNet which matches college students to mentors in several companies.  Schools can join for $1800, organizations like NCSMAA for $1000 and MnSCU is considering purchasing a site license.  Proposal to use the Exxon money to gather a panel of mentors/mentees to present at the Spring 2009 meeting.  Ideas:  Email liaisons to see if they are aware of a mentorship relationship that has been successful.  Have at least one pair of mentors/mentees from outside the MentorNet organization.  Project NExT is a mentoring organization.

  8. Summer Seminar (Su Doree) - Combinatorial Geometry, Speaker Jesus De Loera from UC Davis, July 19-23, 2009 at St. John’s University.  Governor Galovich will discuss this at the business meeting.

  9. Future officer’s meetings:  Discussion of whether the breakfast meeting is acceptable to everyone.  We’re doing this because it makes it possible for the Project NExT folks who are on the board to attend the meeting.  Kris and Shawn are taking over the guidance of Project NExT so this will be continue to be a conflict.

  10. Student involvement in NCS meetings.  Su Doree will work with Peh Ng on this for Spring 2009.  Ideas:  Invite graduate students to Section NExT.  Have fun things for undergraduates.

  11. Election Nominees:

President elect:  John Holte

Treasurer:  Randy Westhoff

Student Chapter Coordinator:  Peh Ng

At Large Member:  Namyong Lee

  1. Future Meetings:

Fall 2008:          Concordia College, October 17-18

Spring 2009:      Hamline University, April 24-25

Fall 2009:          Open

Spring 2010:      University of St. Thomas


Submitted by Co Livingston

NCS-MAA Secretary

April  28, 2008


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