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North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Officers’ Meeting Minutes, April 13, 2007

Present:  Su Doree, Steve Kennedy, Richard Jarvinen, Colleen Livingston, Tom Sibley, Randy Westhoff, Ryan Zerr, and Allen Schwenk (invited speaker).

Absent:  Dale Buske, Jason Douma, Dan Kemp

1. Reports:
        A) Governor (Dan Kemp) – no report.

        B) Secretary (Colleen Livingston) – no report.

        C) Treasurer (Randy Westhoff)

            Have about $1000 more than last year. Have used institutional memberships to fund Section Project NExT. Have 29

            institutional memberships – 9 more than last year.

            Tom Sibley will encourage Project NExT participants to give a talk at a section meeting.

            We still have $1000+ loitering in our account from Exxon. Richard Jarvinen procured this money many years ago to create

            an online mentoring program, linking students to people in industry. Board members will pursue this over the next few      

            years.  Locate people in industry willing to help in this way. Money could be used to bring together mentors and mentorees

            at a section meeting. The goal is to have this happen the next time the Spring meetings are in the Twin Cities.

        D) Information Officer (Jason Douma) – no report.

        E) Student Chapter Coordinator (Richard Jarvinen)

            MAA has distributed a survey to chapter advisors. There seems to be some indication that Headquarters might provide

            more guidance to chapters.

        F) President (Steve Kennedy)
            i. Elections
                    a) President: Su Doreé who will get to do the Summer Seminar.
                    b) At large: Kris Nairn
                    c) Governor (done by mail): Jennifer Galovich
                    d) Information Officer: Shawn Chiappetta

            ii. Awards
                    a) Teaching Award (Committee: Su Doreé–outgoing chair, Ivy Knoshaug (1), Keith Agre (2)) Winner: Karen Saxe

                        Su Doree will create a timetable and process for the Teaching Award Committee. She has 3 suggestions:

                                1. Keep nominations active for 3 years.
                                2. Charge the next committee to create a process for the national Haimo Award.
                                3. Encourage departments to continue nominating outstanding teaching faculty for this award even if

                                    someone  from their department has won recently.

                    b) Service Award (Committee: Eric Lund—outgoing, Gail Nelson (1), Donna Flint (1), Steve Leonhardi (2))

                            Winner: Mike Hvidsten

            iii. Summer Seminar
                    Have 1 registration. Steve Kennedy will send a note to all section liaisons regarding the summer seminar. This is in

                    conflict with the celebration of MAA President Joe Gallian’s 60th birthday.

2. No longer send postcards (ref Co/Randy) – The postcards cost $600/year. Should we just send them via email to save time and money? Decision: Send postcard and via email with hopes of moving to an email/flyer to liaisons approach.

3. Problem-solving competition results - St. Olaf/Macalester tied with perfect scores.

4. Student sessions (certificates) – Students presenters get an MAA membership. If already a member, they get a publication.

5. Sylvan Burgstahler and Steve Galovich – Their passing will be noted in the Business Meeting.

6. Future Meetings
        Bemidji State University, October 19, 20, 2007. David Appleyard and Jim Tattersall will be speaking.

        St. Ben’s/St. John’s Colleges – Deanna Haupsberger, Karen Saxe. This will either be April 18, 19 or April 25, 26 of 2008.

7. Other
        When we have student sessions, schedule things so that student talks do not compete with faculty talks.

        Make up to five $100 awards available to students who speak at a Fall Meeting.

Submitted April 16, 2007
Colleen Livingston
NCS-MAA Secretary

Sylvan Burgstahler, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University
of Minnesota Duluth, passed away on Sept. 28,
2006 at the age of 77 after a 12 year battle with cancer. Sylvan was a
faculty member at UMD for more than 40 years
and a long time active member of the MAA. He was known for his sharp
wit, lively conversation and his knowledge of
many subjects. Burgstahler's most important professional paper
describes an iterative method for solving polynomial
equations that was the lead article in the American Mathematical
Monthly. He remained active mathematically during
his retirement but spent most of his time writing a 750 page story of
the Burgstahler family that included
information about 8000 relatives. His honors include a Fulbright
Scholarship, President of the North
Central Section of the MAA, membership on the MAA Board of Governors,
and the MAA Certificate of Meritorious Service.


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