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North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Officers’ Meeting Minutes, April 21, 2006


Present:  Jason Douma, Randy Westhoff, Co Livingston, Dan Kemp, Su Doree, Dale Buske, Steve Kennedy, Dick Jarvinen, Wally Sizer

Jason reported that the web site now displays the new section map logo correctly showing the section geography and also features photos from the fall meeting.

Randy distributed treasurer’s reports.  Dale indicated that if a section ahs over $10,000 in funds (we do), nation wants excess funds invested through them.  The section will look into that option when present cd’s mature.  It was decided that section income from institutional memberships should go into the section NExT account.

Dan (governor) reported that the national organization is in great shape financially and program-wise.  He highlighted the Professional Enhancement Programs and distributed folders.  The question was raised as to whether the section summer seminar could be listed on next year’s folder, and Steve said he would follow up on that possibility.

Dick indicated that there are 15 student chapters in the section.

Dale announced that the nominating committee would nominate Co Livingston as secretary, Tom Sibley as President-elect, and Ryan Zerr as at-large member of the executive council.  Arrangements were announced for the presentation of the teaching and service awards.

Future meeting sites were announced:  UM Morris for fall, ’06 (October 27-28, Michael O’Reilly in charge locally), College of St. Catherine for spring, ’07 (Dan O’Laughlin in charge locally), and Bemidji state University for fall, ’07.

Steve announced that the summer seminar will be July 16-20, 2007, at Carleton College with Jonathan Borwein leading a program on “Experimental Mathematics in Action:  Insight through Computation”.

Dale announced that Sylvan Burgstahler was ill with cancer and doing poorly, and that a card for him would be circulated after the business meeting.

It was suggested that letters recognizing section NExT members should be sent to the NExT participants, and Dan said he would see to that.

The speakers’ bureau was brought up and discussed.  The motivation for it came a few years back from outside the MAA, and since it was set up few have offered to speak and no speakers have been requested.  No action was taken.

The team contest for next fall—on Saturday, Nov. 11—was announced.

It was decided that Steve will be the official section officers’ representative at Mathfest and attend the officers’ meeting.

The fact that our section banner seems to be missing and will be needed for the MAA centennial in 2015 was noted.  An announcement will be made at the business meeting in an attempt to locate it.

Randy reported a change in the money handling procedures at section meetings, and Jason will update the web instructions for hosting meetings to reflect this change.


Submitted—Wally Sizer, secretary


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