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North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Officers’ Meeting Minutes, April 22, 2005


Present:  Jennifer Galovich, Tom Sibley, Jason Douma, Matt Richey, Joel Iiams, Co Livingston, Dan Kemp, Dale Buske, Dick Jarvinen, Wally Sizer

Treasurer’s Report:  Tom indicated that the finances have continued evenly.  The report included the funds involved in running the section team competition, which went well last fall with 67 teams participating.  The summer seminar account shows money available to get started on this summer’s program.  Also, money is available for section NExT activities and expenses.  After discussion a couple of decisions were made.

MOVED:  To raise the ordinary registration fee for section meetings from $8 to $10, with section NExT members’ registration set at $5.  (Richey, Jarvinen; Buske, Douma).  Passed.

MOVED:  To allow host institutions a fixed budget to cover local expenses for the Friday night receptions, to be paid by the section (if needed).  (Richey, Douma).  Passed.  Wally would check to find out costs for the last four or so receptions.  Also, we would encourage hosts to check out other funding possibilities also (deans, vice-presidents).  The budget would be based on actual costs, not on what the section has been charged.

Information Officer’s Report:  Jason put out an appeal for getting photos for our web site, and for copies of the citations for section awards to post on the site. 

Future Meetings and Nominations:  Dale reported on future meeting arrangements:

            October 14-15, 2005   South Dakota State University, Brookings

                        Dan Schaal, Steve Walk invited speakers

            April 21-22, 2006        Minnesota State University, Mankato

                        Lowell Beineke, Ivy Knoshaug invited speakers

            Fall, 2006         ??

            Spring, 2007    St. Catherine’s (?)

The nominations slate is:  President-elect, Steve Kennedy; Treasurer, Randy Westhoff; Member at Large, Su Doree; Student Chapter coordinator, Dick Jarvinen.

Student Chapters Report:  Dick reminded us that the MAA supports student chapters, and in particular will contribute travel money for students who are chapter members and give papers at national MAA meetings.  He will work on improving links with student chapter advisors and is looking for ways to enhance student chapter programs.  There is money in the section treasury which can be used for student chapter activities.

Governor’s Report:   Dan passed on the information that Saunders MacLane had died recently.  The MAA has received money to set up the David Robbins Prize in combinatorics.  We were reminded that voting is now underway for national officers, and members can vote on-line.  The national office can forward email from officers to the section membership, giving us a new way to communicate with at least some of our members.  Finally, Mathfest will be in Albuquerque this August.

President’s Report:  Jennifer noted the death of Ken Bogart.  She brought up the fact that we can nominate someone for a national meritorious service award.  The officers selected a nominee whose name will be forwarded to the national office.

Summer Seminar:  Jennifer passed out flyers on this year’s summer seminar.  There will be some (free!) publicity for the event in Focus.  Section scholarship information will be added to the seminar site on the UMD web page.  The seminar will feature supporting lectures in biology as well as the main lectures on bioinformatics.  Jennifer pointed out that the protocol for future seminars is to first find someone to do the seminar and let them pick the theme.

Other:  The question of presidential terms was raised.  It was suggested that the section president actually serve two years as president, preceded by one year as president-elect and followed by one year as past president.  Such a term would require a change in by-laws and could not be effected quickly, but would have the advantage that a president would grow into the job in a better way.

Representative to Mathfest:  Dick Jarvinen will be the official section officers’ representative at Mathfest this summer.

Respectfully Submitted—

Wally Sizer, secretary

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