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North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Officers’ Meeting Minutes, April 23, 2004


Present:  Matt Richey, Jason Douma, Randy Westhoff, Dick Jarvinen, Wally Sizer, Joel Iiams, Jennifer Galovich, Tom Sibley, Mike Hvidsten

  1. Tom gave a treasurer’s report.  Basically the section finances are doing well.  He noted from the income from the section contest that that event is quite popular.

  1. There was a feeling we should establish a mechanism for honoring those who do well in national junior high, high school, and undergraduate mathematical contests and exams.  This should include the more general field of “mathematical sciences”, if possible.  It was decided that a good way of being aware of good performances would be to remind ourselves of this goal in the fall, before results are typically announced, so we can watch for section stars.

  1. The Summer Seminar for 2005 is being set up.  The University of Minnesota in Duluth has agreed to be host, and the topic of Bioinformatics has been selected.  There was discussion of speakers; Jennifer will continue to work on setting up the seminar.  It was suggested that a future seminar topic might be “Reliability”.

  1. Mike indicated action on sectional NexT activities.  At lunch the next day he would be meeting with section members who were interested in NexT activities and discuss possible plans.  He expected future meetings might include special sessions (before or after) for members new to the section.

  1. The governor-elect is Dan Kemp from SDSU. 

  2. Future meetings are scheduled for NDSU (Fargo), October 29-30, 2004, and St. Olaf College, Northfield, in April, 2005.

  3. Nominees for President-elect and Member-at-large will be Dale Buske and Co Livingston, respectively.

Respectfully Submitted—

Wally Sizer, secretary

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