The Mathematical Association of America

North Central Section



North Central Section Mathematical Association of America

Officers’ Meeting, April 25, 2003


Present:  Dick Jarvinen, Tom Sibley, Matt Richey, M.B. Rao, Dale Buske, Ralph Carr, Randy Westhoff, Mike Hvidsten, Wally Sizer


We discussed possible speakers for next year’s meetings.  Wally pointed out we are entitled to have a Polya lecturer in 2003-2004.  Matt made a list of possibilities and will be following up.


We have a request to include a session on assessment at our fall meeting.  We decided it will be in the meeting time slot just before lunch.  Wally will negotiate with Bill Martin (NDSU) on time and content.  It was stressed that the program should relate to the North Central accreditation process and offer a few different models.


 We will be suggesting changes in the by-laws to be voted on at our fall meeting.  Wally will collect comments; email discussion is encouraged.  The changes should reflect, among other things, that we not longer have a “newsletter editor”, but rather an information officer whose primary responsibility is with the web site.  Wally will check on how other sections handle this issue.


Governor’s report:Mike reported two major donations to the MAA, one from Paul and Virginia Halmos for a mathematical sciences center in Washington, which could serve as a conference site at the MAA, and the other from the Adler estate for setting up a distinguished teacher award for new mathematicians.  He also indicated the national office was emphasizing their PMET and PREP programs.


Treasurer’s report:  Tom indicated we are doing well financially.


Dale reported on his accumulated list of department liaisons, which he presumably has passes on to Jason Douma.


Future meetings will be at the University of Sioux Falls October 24-25, 2003, and at Winona State University in April, 2004.  We will advertise that we are seeking future hosts at our business meeting.


Wally Sizer, Secretary



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