The Mathematical Association of America

North Central Section



Minutes of the NCS/MAA Executive Committee Meeting held 5:00 p.m. on April 26, 2002 at Michael's Restaurant, St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Members Present: Dale Buske, Ralph Carr, Michael Hvidsten, Dick Jarvinen,Dan Kemp, M.B. Rao, and Tom Sibley.

1. Governor Michael Hvidsten highlighted several items appearing in his Newsletter report: MAA book sales are down; database conversion cost has doubled and membership fees will be increased by 4% to help cover this cost; membership continues to be strong; the topic of how active the MAA should be in influencing public policy turned out to be quite controversial. Action was tabled until the next Governor's meeting.

2. President Ralph Carr announced that the Teaching Award Committee, Co Livingstion-Chair (Bemidji State University), Steve Kennedy (Carleton College), Dan Schaal (South Dakota State University), and the Meritorious Service Award Committee, Jennifer Galovitch-Chair (St. John's University), Ralph Carr (St. Cloud State University), Randy Westhoff (Bemidji State University), Ken Yocom (South Dakota State University) have made selections that will be announced at the beginning of the Morning Session on Saturday.

The Nominating Committee, Nadine Myers (Hamline University), Peiyi Zhao (St. Cloud State University), Steve Leonhardi (Winona State University), recommendations for officers are Matt Richy, Macalester College, for President Elect (three year term 2002-2005 as president elect, president, and past president), Walter Sizer, Moorhead State University, for Secretary (three year term 2002-2005), and Randy Westhoff, Bemidji State University, for Four Year College Member at Large (two year term 2002-2004).

3. Newsletter Editor Dale Buske reported that his other job as Webmaster has been working out very well. Dale proposed having the Newsletter entirely only at the Web Site with a notice sent to the Section membership announcing when an issue is on line. After some discussion it was decided to bring the issue to a vote at the Section Business Meeting on Saturday.

4. There was no Secretary's report. The Secretary was instructed to send Thank You notes to the speakers and to get electronic copies of the Section By-Laws and Manual for Section Meetings to Dale so they can be posted on the Web.

5. Treasurer Tom Sibley presented a Financial Report. The Section finances are in good shape. Due to a snafu at the national office there will be no new books at this meeting's book sale.

6. Student Chapter Coordinator Dick Jarvinen encourage the forming of new Student MAA Chapters. A list of NCS Student Chapters and Student Chapters nationwide with Web Sites was passed out along with a report by Frank Morgan about a very active Student Chapter in Texas.

7. The next two scheduled meetings are Fall, 2002, October 25-6 at Moorhead State University (Minnesota State University, Moorhead) and Spring 2003, April 25-6 at Macalester College. Fall, 2003 is open and Dick Jarvinen issued a tentative invitation for Spring, 2004.

8. The next Summer Seminar will be in early August, 2003, at Gustavus Adolphus College. The topic will be Combinatorial Games with Elwyn Berlekamp as the primary presenter. David Wolfe ( at Gustavus Adolphus will be the coordinator. It was stressed that getting publicity out to this summer's MathFest, the Fall NCS meeting, the national MAA Web Site, the NCS Web Site, and the Winter AMS/MAA Joint Meetings was very important.

9. Procuring speakers for Section meetings was discussed. The President needs to work at least a year in advance for a national speaker for the Spring meeting. The NCS Teaching Award recipient is asked to speak at the Spring meeting on Friday night. William O'Fallon, a Mayo Statistician, speaking about Attributable Risk was suggested for Saturday this Fall. A list of suitable speakers from the section should be compiled and reviewed at Executive Board meetings. Names that were mentioned (and recorded) included Stan Wagon, Macalester, a recent Chauvenet Prize winner, and Loren Larson, St. Olaf, speaking about his wooden puzzles.

10. Dick Jarvinen and Tom Sibley were appointed as NCS representatives to the Summer MathFest meeting. They will figure out among themselves how to use the MAA funding.

Dan Kemp, Secretary

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