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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board

Saturday October 18, 2008

Concordia College, Moorhead, MN

1.  Upcoming NCS meetings

List of past ten years and upcoming location and speakers (where known).

Fall 1998  Concordia College  

Spring 1999 Carleton College

Fall 1999 University of Minnesota, Morris

Spring 2000 DECC, Duluth

Fall 2000 Bemidji State University

Spring 2001 Gustavus Adolphus College

Fall 2001 University of North Dakota

Spring 2002 St. Cloud State University

Fall 2002 Moorhead State University

Davis Cope, William Michael O’Fallon (Mayo)

Spring 2003 Macalester College 

Gil Strang, Frank Farris, Robert Lacher

Fall 2003 University of Sioux Falls

Karen Saxe, Underwood Dudley 

Spring 2004 Winona State University

Tom Sibley, Carl Cowen

Fall 2004 North Dakota State University

Jason Douma, Marty Isaacs (Polya) 

Spring 2005 St. Olaf College

Suzanne Doree, Steven Dunbar 

Fall 2005 South Dakota State University

Spring 2006 Minnesota State University - Mankato

 Steven Willson, Lowell Beineke,  Laurie Heyer

Fall 2006 University of Minnesota-Morris

Spring 2007 College of St. Catherine    Andrew Odlyzko, Allen Schwenk

Fall 2007 Bemidji State University

David Appleyard, Jim Tattersall 

Spring 2008 College of St. Benedict/St. John's University

Paul Zorn, Deanna Haunsperger

Fall 2008 Concordia College, Moorhead

Karen Saxe, Betty Mayfield              

Spring 2009 Hamline University:  April 24-25

Jason Douma, George Andrews (Polya) 

Fall 2009 Open

Spring 2010 University of St. Thomas

Tchg Awardee

Fall 2010 Open

Spring 2011 Open

Tchg Awardee

Next due for a Polya speaker 2014 Spring.   Have to sign up a year early.

Spring 2010 there’s a regional AMS meeting at Macalester.

 2.  NCS Summer Seminar

 Jennifer Galovich is organizing the seminar, with help from Jason Douma.

 ACTUALLY DOING IT!:  A Hands-On Approach to Computational Combinatorial Geometry

            Principal lecturer Professor Jesus De Loera, University of California, Davis

                        St.  John's University, Collegeville, MN, July 19-24, 2009.

 Notices will go in Focus and a website will be created.   As the time grows nearer, costs will be determined, as will any support given to newer faculty or graduate students.

 We wanted the list of previous Summer Seminars.  Here is what we have on file.  I emailed Ivy, Ralph Carr and Mike Hvidsten to see if they had records from 1977-1989.






Experimental Mathematics in Action:  Insight through Computation

Carleton College, Northfield, MN

Jonathan Borwein, Dalhousie University


Bioinformatics:  Where Mathematics Meets Molecules

University of Minnesota-Duluth

Laurie Heyer, Davidson College


A Tour of Combinatorial Games

Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN

Elwyn Berlekamp, Berkeley


History of Mathematics

Bemidji State University

Fred Rickey, West Point USMA


Counting and Calculus

University of Minnesota-Duluth

Richard Askey, UW-Madison


An Intro. To Neural Networks

Winona State University, Winona, MN

Richard DeVeaux, Williams, College and Lyle Ungar, University of Pennyslvania


10th annual

Geometry, Dimensions Across All

University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis campus

Thomas Banchoff, Brown University


Cryptography & Computational Number Theory

NDSU, Fargo, ND

Carl Pomerance, Dartmouth College


Dynamical Systems

University of Minnesota-Duluth

Robert Devaney, Boston University


Computer Graphics

Carleton College







Discrete Math

St. Olaf


















 3.  Activities at the NCS meetings

Some discussion on how to advertise/title this.   At some institutions the chair is a division chair.  Sometimes there’s money to send chairs to these types of meetings.   We also want to include other interested people, such as future chairs or program review coordinators.    

 Concerns that emphasizing participation in and speaking at our spring meeting will wear away at Pi Mu Epsilon.   Might want to put more effort into student activities in the fall.  

 4.  Officers and committees (terms begin July 1)

 List of current members and term (where known). The * denotes in last year of service

 1.      Executive Committee

            Governor Jennifer Galovich, St. John's Univeristy (2007-10)

            President-Elect John Holte, Gustavus Adolphus (2008-11)

            President Su Dor'ee, Augsburg College (2007-10)

            * Past-President Tom Sibley, St. John's University (2006-09)

            * Secretary Colleen Livingston, Bemidji State University (2006-09)

            Treasurer Randy Westoff, Bemidji State University (2008-11)

            Information officer Shawn Chiappetta, University of Sioux Falls (2007-10)

            Student activities coordinator Peh Ng, University of Minnesota -- Morris (2008-11)

            * At-large representative Kris Nairn, St. John's University (2007-09)

            At-large representative Namyong Lee, Minnesota State University -- Mankato (2008-10)

 2.      Meritorious Service Award Committee

Steve Leonhardi, Winona State University (2006-09, Chair)

Dan Kemp, South Dakota State University (2007-10)

Person to be appointed now (2008-11)

3.      Distinguished Teaching Award Committee

Keith Agre, St. Cloud State University (2006-09, Chair)

Dan O'Laughlin, College of St. Catherine (2007-10)

Person to be appointed now (2008-11)

 4.      Nominations Committee:  Tom Sibley, Su Doree (Chair), John Holte

 5.      Other positions

Section archivist, historian: Maybe Ralph Carr is doing something with this.

NCS Team Contest team:  Jerry Heuer and Ron Rietz

Publicity chairman - Update:  Wayne Roberts sent Co the history of his role in this position.  It sounds very ad hoc and I do not see this position in our Constitution.  I believe our decision was to eliminate this position.

 5.  Reports from section officers

Secretary:  Co Livingston

We will do a hard copy newsletter again in Fall 2009.

Treasurer:  Randy Westhoff

Budget report reviewed.

Book store has a “new from MAA” table

Information officer:  Shawn Chiappetta

Absent.   Thanks were given for his great work.

Student activities coordinator:  Peh Ng

Is there a way to pay for lunch for students on Saturday? 

Section NExT:  Kris Nairn

Two new people this year from Augsburg and St. John’s.   Had 5 in attendance on Friday, for a discussion of assessment.

Governor:  Jennifer Galovich

Reassurance regarding MAA investments – “conservative and diversified” – Be prepared for some loss along with everyone else.

President:  Su Dor'ee

 Didn’t get to this part of the agenda:

6.  Other section activities

NCS Team Contest -- Is anything needed there?

Teaching and service awards -- need to encourage more nominations

Graduate students -- I am still in conversation with Jon Rogness at the University of Minnesota about possible connections to graduate students outside of our normal meetings. 

Other off-meeting workshops or events?  What do you think?

Submitted October 30, 2008

Co Livingston


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