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North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Officers’ Meeting Minutes, October 19, 2007

Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN

Present: Tom Sibley, Jennifer Galovich, Su Doree, Randy Westhoff, Co Livingston, Jim Tattersall.

Absent: Richard Jarvinen, Steve Kennedy, Ryan Zerr , Shawn Chiappetta,  Kris Nairn,

Discussion:  Communication from main office could be improved, especially when people shift jobs there.

Treasurer:  Randy Westhoff 

Passed out income/expense summary.  Book sale last spring was low, probably because the books were on the 4th floor and the meetings on the first floor.   Lost money during the summer seminar, most likely due to the Gallian birthday event being held at the same time.  The CD with over $14000 in it is due soon.  We agreed to have Randy renew that.

Governor:  Jennifer Galovich

MAA is undergoing long-range strategic planning.  There is a focus for each period.  Floated an idea about scheduling time during the next section meeting for people to give her feedback about the MAA.  Decided to send an initial email to section members to get some feedback and then focus the questions at the spring meeting.  We’d like to know what would make it worth the members’ time to come to a section meeting.

She has proposed that the MAA do some green investments.

Math Fest:  Su Doree

  1. Hal Nesbitt left the MAA offices as Section coordinator and it is not clear who has replaced which of his functions, making communications difficult.
  2. Encourage sections to think more broadly about including undergraduates.  Contests, games, videos (Flatland), food!    Discussion about the timing of the spring meeting and Pi Mu Epsilon.  It’s difficult to have students do both.
  3. Other groups:  women’s groups, chair workshops.
  4. Many sections have workshops. 
  1. Things beyond section meeting:  Summer Seminar, idea:  The second could encouraged sponsored meetings or for graduate students (panel) or for women faculty in the cities.    

President:  Tom Sibley  

Nominations: Su Doree, Steve Kennedy, Tom Sibley. 

Future Conferences:

Other Discussion:

    MAA Brick: The Board will bring a recommendation for the section to purchase a $303 brick for the Halmos Walk.

    Summer Seminar:  Many ideas were discussed. 

    Issues Facing the Section: 

Submitted by Co Livingston

October 20, 2007

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