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North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Officersí Meeting Minutes, October 27, 2006


  1. Secretaryís Report (Colleen Livingston)


The MAA sent information about three grant programs related to undergraduate research, undergraduate conferences and working with underrepresented groups. 


  1. Treasurerís Report  (Randy Westhoff)


The budget report was reviewed.  Section NExT has depleted its old grant by $100.  We have $400 designated for them.  Institutional memberships are being used to fund the section NExT.  Last year this amounted to $525.


Chairs of community colleges and universities are being sent bills for institutional memberships since most schools want an official bill anyway.


Rolled over the CD into a 1 year 5.4% CD.  Treasurer will contact national office to see about having the MAA invest the money.


  1. Governorís Report  (Dan Kemp)


MAA financial people are asking that we not keep more than $10,000 in our section account. 

The MAA is going to publish Calculus Gems.

2007 Ė 300th birthday of Euler.

Don Albers says to buy more books.



  1. Information Officer Report (Jason Douma)


Wants clarification of the process for the award nominations.

Wants clarification regarding the Speakerís Bureau. 

 Both items are discussed later.


  1. Presidentís Report (Steve Kennedy)


    1. Service and Teaching Awards


The process was reviewed.  The current committees will write down the process and have it posted so that future committees know the structure.  Deadline for nominations is February 1.  The Haimo nomination is due by March 1.  Committees are (chair listed first):

        Teaching:  Su Doree, Ivy Knoshaug, Keith Agre

        Service:  Gail Nelson, Donna Flint, Eric Lund, Steve Leonhardi.

The Haimo nominee need not be the section Teaching award winner.  Haimo winners need to have national recognition and we have people in the section who have not received the local award who are well qualified for the national award.  We have been asking recent Teaching Award winners to serve on that nominating committee.  This might be a bad idea if they could still be nominated for the Haimo award, however, if they werenít ready for the Haimo nomination right now it would be several years before they were so this probably is not a problem.


    1. Governor and other officer nominations.


Steve Kennedy, Tom Sibley, Dale Buske working on nominations.  President and governor nominations are ready.


    1. Summer Seminar


Flyers will be sent to all department chairs in the mail and to liaisons by mail. The summer seminar will be held at Carleton on July 16-20, 2007. The topic is ďExperimental Mathematics.Ē   Section members will get first chance at enrolling before opening this to general registration. This will go on the section and national website. 


    1. Speakers in April and next fall.


David Appleyard canít give the teaching award talk until next fall, so we need a speaker for spring.  One possibility is a Computational Mathematician at the University of Minnesota.  This would tie in with the summer seminar.  President-elect Tom Sibley will find the second person for fall 2007. 



  1. Section Officerís Report (Su Doree)


    1. Open meetings?


Holding executive Committee meetings in restaurants has made it hard to hear each other and perhaps easy for others, including fellow mathematicians at other tables, to overhear this group.  In the future the Secretary will request that local organizers try to find a private room in a restaurant for the Executive Committee to meet.  That may not always be possible in small towns, but we will try.


    1. National rep at executive committee meetings


The decision was made to invite the national representative speakers to the Executive Committee meeting. 


    1. Report from Mathfest Section Officers Meeting


This was a three hour meeting. 

At Mathfest there was discussion about how to get new faculty, students, graduate students and new schools involved.  NCS talked about finding ways to involve the students at the host institution in the meeting and about marketing to graduate students by emphasizing the career value of participation in section MAA meetings.  We will encourage new faculty to give talks via department chairs.  The email addresses of new faculty should be sent to Steve Kennedy so he can encourage involvement.  There was discussion about holding thematic meetings.


7. Linking with MCTM for Speakers Bureau


We need to make a decision regarding the speakerís bureau.  Either take if off the page or do something.  Tom Sibley reported a low success rate in finding high schools willing to have a speaker in.  High schools fear it is about recruiting.  Discussed followed about linking up the NCS-MAA with the state Council of Teachers of Mathematics organizations.  Individuals on the Executive Committee will follow up with people on their campus associated with these organizations.  Give Tom Sibley the names of the appropriate state organization people to contact about this.


  1. Miscellaneous.


    1.  Section Flag/Banner  


The banner is lost.  Again. 


    1. Future meeting sites.


Spring 2007 at St. Catherineís.   Fall 2007 at Bemidji State University.  Tom Sibley will bring up the idea at St. Johnís.  Su Doree will discuss with Augsburg.  Steve Kennedy with Hamline.   There was discussion about having a joint meeting in the spring with  at St. Johnís.  Tom Sibley will discuss with St. Johnís.


    1. Business meeting items?


Items were reviewed.




Respectfully submitted,

C. Livingston

NCS-MAA Secretary

October 29, 2006



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