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North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Officers’ Meeting Minutes, October 14, 2005


Present:  Su Doree, Steve Kennedy, Dan Kemp, Jason Douma, Wally Sizer, Dale Buske, Co Livingston, Randy Westhoff

Jason (information officer) indicated he posts items on the web site as they come in, so it is continually changing.  This fall the early meeting rushed the schedule.  He suggested we do more with photos on the web site, and it was agreed that he should modify the local arrangements duties as listed on the web site to include lining someone up to take photos of the meetings.

Randy (treasurer) indicated that there was a small net loss in the summer seminar fund as a result of last summer’s seminar, but the balance there was still “healthy”.  Other finances are in good shape.  He suggested and the officers agreed that he should put $12,000 in a one year cd to boost interest.  The officers decided to continue the present level of support for the section NExT program after the grant money runs out and set the amount of support at up to $400 for the spring meeting.

Wally (secretary) reported a drop in volunteers to speak at this fall’s meeting.  The officers thought we should specifically invite new section members and visitors to section institutions to speak.  We will do this; people knowing of new section members or visitors should email names and institutions to Wally (

Dan (governor) emphasized the new Henry L. Alder Awards given by the MAA for distinguished teaching by young faculty.

Dick Jarvinen (in absentia—student chapters coordinator) urged institutions to form their own student MAA chapters.

Dale (president)    announced the teaching award committee (Ivy Knoshaug, Matt Ritchie, Su Doree)  and the service award committee (Gail Nelson, Donna Flint, Eric Lund).  The nominating committee will be announced later.  We decided that nominations for the teaching award should use the “long” form for the application.  Dale will send thank you letters to the summer seminar presenters, organizer and host.

The next meeting will be April 21-22 at MSU, Mankato.  Since Ivy cannot be one of the presenters, Dale will be negotiating with someone form Iowa to speak at Mankato.  The meeting for spring of ’07 will be at St. Catherine’s.  Dale will try to negotiate time and place for the fall, ’06 meeting (and solicit help from other officers if necessary).  The proposal from UM Morris to present a session on games was discussed, and it was decided they should do so at the next fall meeting.

The summer seminar in ’07 will be at Carleton College and will focus on computational mathematics.

Thanks were expressed to Jennifer Galovich and Harlan Stech for their work on the summer seminar at Duluth, and to the SDSU local arrangements group.


Submitted--Wally Sizer

Section secretary


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