The Mathematical Association of America

North Central Section



NCS MAA Officers’ Meeting Minutes, October 24, 2003

Present:  Matt Richey, Mike Hvidsten, Tom Sibley, Jennifer Galovich, Jason Douma, Randy Westhoff, Joel Iiams, Wally Sizer, Karen Saxe (unofficial)

Bylaws—Wally will go over them with the intent of having revisions ready to approve at the spring, 2004 meeting.  Most revisions involve acknowledging changes that have already been made in fact—like the evolution of “newsletter editor” into webmaster.  He will check on proposed changes with other officers; anything more substantial will be discussed with the executive committee (via email)>

Committees—The Teaching Award committee will consist of Matt and Tom, the Service Committee will consist of Randy and Mike, and the Nominating Committee will consist of Jennifer and Matt. Nominations for Governor have to be sent in to Washington in November.

Electronic Address List—Jason distributed the current electronic address list and will post it to officers.  There was some discussion about how to broaden it.

Section NEXT—Mike expressed a concern about having section activities to help new faculty members.  He and Randy will work on this.  The officers felt that money from the section budget was available to help with activities, in addition to money from a grant expressly for this purpose.

Future Meetings—The spring, 2004 meeting will be at Winona State University on April 23-24.  We are looking for volunteers for other future meetings.  Jennifer said St. John’s could probably be called upon if no other volunteer was forthcoming for the fall, 2004, meeting; we will, however, encourage NDSU to volunteer for that meeting. St. Olaf for spring, 2005 was mentioned as a possibility.  

Section Funds—Section funds were authorized for section NEXT activities and to help send students to national MAA meetings.

Officers’ Reports—Section Student Chapter Coordinator—Dick reported (in absentia) that we now have 15 section student chapters, and it is very easy to form student chapters (see the national web site).  Governor—Mike emphasized the national Henry L. Albers Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Beginning Faculty Member.  Any department can send in a nomination.  We discussed also having a chapter award of this sort.  Treasurer—Tom reported healthy balances in section accounts.  He indicated the need to move on organization for the summer, 2005, summer seminar.

Other—The possibility of a Webwork or Maple TA presentation or session at a future meeting was raised.  Mike and Matt expressed a willingness to work on that.

Respectfully submitted:  Wally Sizer

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