The Mathematical Association of America

North Central Section



Officersí Meeting, October 25, 2002

Present:  President M.B. Rao, Past President Ralph Carr, President Elect Matt Richey, Governor Mike Hvidsten, Treasurer Tom Sibley, Newsletter Editor Dale Buske, At Large Member Randy Westhoff, Secretary Wally Sizer.

Governorís report:  Mike mentioned two items which would be in his report to the section:  the possible use of electronic voting on the national level and section efforts to complement the Project NEXT program.  With the second item we discussed the possibility of integrating with the ongoing Wisconsin NEXT programs, perhaps providing some support to North Central participants, and the possibility of doing programs on a more local basis.  With local programs is the problem of the ďdensityĒ of new faculty in some locations.

Presidentís report:  M.B. sought input for the formation of a nominating committee, the outstanding teaching award committee, and the meritorious service award committee.  Several names were proposed, and M.B. will try to form the committees from among those suggested.  If need be, he will contact other officers for more suggestions.

Newsletter editorís report:  Dale was concerned about the uncertainty of electronic addresses.  It was worked out that each of us will contact four institutions and (1) get current email addresses (Dale says itís good enough to be sure of the address for a contact person at each institution), and (2) get names of new people who might be good speakers (20 minute) for future meetings.  The email addresses are to go to Dale; names of potential speakers go to Wally.  It was also pointed out that the national office has email address lists, but these were apt to have inaccuracies.

Treasurerís Report:  Tom said section finances are generally in good shape; this is true of the summer seminar account as well as the general account.

There was general discussion about how to increase involvement in section activities, especially student involvement and new faculty interest.  One topic particularly emphasized was getting more speakers at meetings, so programs might run longer and people might have a choice of talks to attend.  The officers decided to recommend to the business meeting that fees be waived at section meetings for all speakers in an effort to encourage people to speak.  (Moved:  Carr;  Seconded:   Westhoff;  passed).

Secretaryís report:  Wally expressed a concern that he had felt some pressure from his institution in setting up the present meeting to include a statement that participants with disabilities should contact a local representative if they needed special accommodations and they would be provided for.  For this meeting someone had requested a sign interpreter for the deaf for the Friday night lecture, and after some inquiries it was offered that the cost would be covered by the deanís office.  However, if we continue to promise assistance for participants with disabilities it might be at the expense of the section.  The officers decided that Wally would modify the statement to indicate that the section would make a reasonable attempt to accommodate those with disabilities, given advance notice (about 3 weeks), and that the section would cover expenses if necessary.  Also, local organizer instructions will be modified to emphasize handicapped accessibility.  [In the present instance, the signing interpreter showed up for the talk but the person making the request did not, so the service was not necessary].

Upcoming meetings:  The University of Sioux Falls has offered to host the Fall, 2003, meeting and Winona State University has offered for Spring, 2004.  Both offers were accepted.  There was a brief discussion of invited speakers for the fall.

Respectfully submitted:  Wally Sizer

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